Amazing What a Redesign Can Do recently launched revision 3.0 of their website and by all accounts it has been an overwhelming success. How great has 3.0 been? According to an interview by The Defiant Salmon with Digg CEO Jay Adelson, their new users per day went up 5-10 times and Digg has now passed the 400,000 registered user mark. The big question, is advertising revenue keeping up with the extra traffic?

Well, as of this morning we’re at 400365 (users), but it’s growing fast, doubling monthly at this rate (though again, I expect that to slow down to doubling every three months or so once this spike has passed).

Yes, the ad revenue keeps up, though it multiplied a bit higher than expected with the release of v3. Federated Media has been a fantastic partner to make that happen, as well as Google for text ads.

I for one have noticed the increased traffic at Digg. Before version 3.0, the number of upcoming stories used be to be in the 100’s. They’re now in the 1,000s. With the redesign, Digg is now bigger than Slashdot, which also went through a redesign.