Almost 1000 RSS Readers

I could not believe my eyes when Feedburner updated my feed stats. Nearly 1000 people signed up to my blog feed! That is awesome! I guess you must really like me. 🙂

I don’t have much experienced with RSS until recently. I have started playing around with different RSS readers but nothing appealed to me until I discovered Google Reader. This is the best RSS readers I have ever used. I have been using Google Reader for about a week and I now understand why RSS is so popular – it is like having the web come to you instead of you going to the web.

One thing I have noticed is that most sites do not give full RSS feeds – they would feed the title of the article and a short summary. This is understandable since their site revenues are ad based and RSS does not feed ad banners. Some feeds do have RSS ads but I doubt they pay as well as banners on a website. One surprise was Tech Crunch – they have a full feed. I can read their entire blog from Google Reader and never have to visit their site. I am sure this is costing them some serious money – they have over 118,000 RSS subscribers. Then again, maybe the reason they have so many subscribers is because they offer a full feed. I wonder if I would get more subscribers if I were to do that same.

What are you thoughts of this? So far, one reader asked me to make my RSS a full feed. He even sent a petition site against intentionally disabled RSS feeds. I haven’t decided what to do yet. In addition, I am not sure if I can make my RSS a full feed because of the Google 300×250 ad. This ad in embedded right into the blog post and would show up on a RSS feed (at least I think it would). The Google TOS prevents regular Google ads in a feed (unless it’s a Google RSS ads). Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.