All Set For CES 2007

Today I booked my flights and hotel for the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, which happens January 8-11, 2007. Why did I book so early? After all, the CES is still 202 days away. Well, when you find out 4 hotels are already completely booked out for the event you begin to understand why. CES is the biggest consumer electronics show in the world, with an expected attendance of over 160,000 people. An event this big requires months of advance planning. Last year I waited too long to book (if 3 months before the event can be considered too long) and as a result I couldn’t get the flight time I wanted and had to fly in a day early because of it. This year I am not taking any chances.

Now that my flights and hotel are booked, I can relax a bit before acquiring the new equipments I want to take with me to the CES. I plan to use a new notebook. I’m getting tired of packing around the Dell 17″ XPS as it’s really too big for travel work. I was thinking about buying a new laptop while I was in Hong Kong but decided to wait closer to the CES to let prices fall a bit more before ordering. Right now my number one choice is the new Dell XPS M1210 – a 12″ ultra light notebook with GeForce 7400 graphics. It’s no where near as powerful as my current XPS, but it’s a lot more mobile.