AGLOCO Growing Pains

Every new startup has growing pains and AGLOCO is no different. It seems they under estimated the number of sign-ups they would get over the thanksgiving long weekend and that created a major traffic jam. Members were getting error messages when trying to log into their control panel and new sign-ups were not getting their confirmation emails. It was quite a bit of a mess really. AGLOCO seems to have recovered from their Black Friday rush but many new members are still waiting for their confirmation email. If you haven’t gotten one yet, just sit tight, you will get it.

One question that came up was about signing up family members in the same household and whether that was allowed. The answer is yes. AGLOCO realizes that today’s internet connected home can have many computers / laptops sharing the same IP and almost every family members surf the Internet. AGLOCO has accounted for this and will allow you to sign up members of your family even if they live under the same roof. Just don’t go inventing new family members!

I am setting up an interview with AGLOCO’s founder, Stanford MBA graduate, Akshay Mavani. A.K. is an extremely busy guy right now so I really do appreciate him taking time out of his schedule to do this interview. Look for it in the next day or two.

A few people have asked me how many people I have signed up for AGLOCO. When I told them, they didn’t believe me and asked me to post a screen shot. So, here it is.

Click for the full size image

For me AGLOCO is a pretty easy sell. I look at it this way; it doesn’t cost you any money to sign up and if you’re on the Net more than 5 hours a month there’s no additional time investment either. The worst-case scenario is you sign up nobody and make a buck or two each month from your own surfing. Even in the worst case, you still come out a head. Not a bad deal at all if you ask me.

You can sign up for AGLOCO here.