Affiliate Summit West 2014 – The Show Floor

The show floor at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas is where all the action happens. On the floor, you can see and interact with pretty much everything from the affiliate marketing industry. The vibe on the floor is pretty amazing. Everyone is friendly and happy to see you. This may have something to do with the fact that many booths set up free beer stations so you can walk the floor with a cold one.

Pretty much every affiliate network is on the floor. It’s a great place to connect with old friends, and meet new ones. Because the show floor is open for two full days, the pace is not as hectic, or as loud, as a the meet market. This allows you plenty of time to explore and spend time talking to the companies.








Chris Whitling of HostGator won the award for having the most stickers on a name badge. The only one he was missing was speaker, and I wasn’t willing to give him mine.