Affiliate Summit West 2010 – Monetizing Blogs for Affiliate Marketing and SEO

Affiliate Summit 2010

Blogging took the front and center stage at today’s Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. The day’s events were filled with sessions about blogging and blog blog marketing. The session I attended was call Monetizing blogs for Affiliate Marketing and SEO. The panel of speakers include Drew Bennett of BenSpark, John Carcutt of MediaWhiz, Tim Jones of The Real Tim Jones and Murray Newlands of Affiliate Heat. The panel was moderated by Kirs Jones of Pepperjam Network.

The panel talked a lot about getting traffic from search engines and how to optimize your blog to increase its search engine ranking. Some of the advice was really good, like when John Carcutt recommend you not to have the same name for a tag and blog category.

The second half of the session dealt with how to monetize the blog. Tim Jones hit it right on the head when he said you must treat your blog like a business if you want to make money from it. All the panelist offered some really good suggestions on different ways to monetize a blog.

The panel took questions from the audience after their presentation. Overall, a really good session and I’m glad I attended it. Next, I’m going to head on over to the Affiliate Meet Market and video the action. If you see me, make sure to say hi. You might end up in the video!