Affiliate Summit East – Market Leverage Yacht Party

Last night, Market Leverage held their long awaited yacht party aboard the Valiant. This was the most sought after ticket of the entire Affiliate Summit East conference as everyone and their dog were trying to get on the A-List. Guests met at the New York Hilton lobby and were transported to the yacht via a huge 28 passenger Cadillac Escalade Limo. Dinner was prepared by Top Chef finalist Casey Thompson.

The party go off to a slow start because the limo took us to the wrong pier and the chef showed up on the boat late. However, once everything was sorted out, everyone had a great time. The food of Chef Thompson was really tasty and the bartender made a really good brown cow.

All party guests received an “I’m on a yacht party” Market Leverage T-shirt. In addition, Market Leverage had three Apple iPod up for grabs in a draw. Neil Patel and I crafted up a way to win all of them. I’m sure Dina will want those iPods back after she see this video.