Affiliate Marketing Cash – 3 Hot Tactics To Make It Possible

So you want to make extra cash from affiliate marketing, huh?

Finally, I’ve discovered the three hot tactics you can use to promote any affiliate product.

Earlier in 2010 when I registered to promote clickbank’s offers, I didn’t use the tactics that I’d share with you in a moment.

You see, most people struggle to earn sizable commissions as affiliates because they have missed the basic “TRUTH” for this business model.

If after reading this post, you still can’t pinpoint what you’ve been doing wrongly, it might be that affiliate marketing isn’t for you.

Trust me, not all models are right for you. I know people who did well with their own products, but when it comes to promoting another person’s product, they failed woefully. To avoid that, let me quickly share a “TRUTH” with you.

Affiliate marketers don’t sell…

Ouch, have I smashed your childhood knowledge? I need you to grasp what I’m saying because it can change the way you approach Clickbank, CJ or any third-party affiliate network.

As an affiliate marketer, you’re not a seller. That’s not your role. If you try to sell, you’d fail or get a consolation prize for participating.

Maybe you don’t even know the reason why you’ve been making few sales or no sales at all. It could be that you were trying to sell the product, rather than performing your ROLE.

In fact, so many affiliate agents have neglected their primary duties, just because they wanted to earn quick bucks. But indirectly, they’re stopping their success.

You can make a big difference and make sales every single day. I’ve to leave for lunch now….oh, I didn’t tell you the role of an affiliate…. Well, here…..

Every affiliate marketer must presell

A while ago, I wrote about preselling and how you can make more money using it.

And here is the ultimate secret – affiliate marketers aren’t called to sell, but to presell. To presell simply means to prepare potential buyers before sending them over to the salespage.

Create expectations of what the product is about. It’s important that you understand the difference between selling and preselling because it’s going to dictate how you write your content.

Of course, if you don’t have HUGE budget for PPC advertising, you need the right content to presell.

And when you write with the mindset of selling, it’s going to appear pushy. But when you write content to motivate, inform and educate (MIA), you’d create a buying environment for any product you’re selling.

You’re to presell the product. The salesletter would do the selling if you presell well – take note of that.

Few months ago when I used these tactics, I earned $403.52 one faithful day. Even though it’s my highest daily earning on clickbank so far, I know I can replicate the tactics and earn much more.

So, what are the 3 hot tactics to presell and make a living off affiliate programs?

Disclaimer: This idea isn’t mine. I got these points from Eben Pagan but had to expand on them. So, I give all credits to him for these hot selling points.

1.      Motivation

Once you grab the affiliate hoplink from Clickbank or any other network, it’s time to study it the second time. First and foremost, the product must be helpful and from a credible product creator/entrepreneur.

At this point, you’ll have to discover the sweet spots in the product. How can you motivate potential buyers to click “buy now” button right now. It’s vital that you understand copywriting (at least the basics) so that you can write better headlines that motivates.

Motivation is like the fuel that powers the buying engine. If your target audience isn’t charged up, conversion rate would be pathetic. Motivate people on the need to try the product. And for motivation to work, you need to do one more thing…

2.      Information

Revealing so much information about the product in question can help you make more money.

If you think you can hoard vital information and convert buyers, you’re making a BIG mistake. Unfortunately, I see a lot of affiliates who would ask readers to buy first before they can know how the product works. Isn’t it funny?

Don’t presell like that. Effective preselling tactics is all about giving enough information. How much information is enough?

Well, it depends on your niche and the product you’re selling. If your niche is “money making,” gird your loins because to convince people to buy another “make $1,000 a day product,” you must give, and give before asking for their hard earned money. Are you motivated already? Let me add one more tactic to the “information” you now have….

Do you need a step-by-step guide on how to earn $1000/month from your blog, see this post.

3.      Education

As the saying goes, the real education is outside the four walls of the University. In other words, to make a living from affiliate marketing, you need to hold prospects and lead them through the sales funnel. It takes learning and changing their mindset.

Most often, a potential buyer would tap a credit card on her PC screen, waiting for a gentle nudge.

That’s why motivation should come first, and information before trying to alter what they already know – Failure.

You know agents or better still, stockbrokers? They stand in the gap between the principal and the stock exchange house.

If you’re an affiliate marketer promoting a particular product, begin to see yourself as a broker. You’re not the product owner; neither are you the buyer but the middleman.

If you play your role well by revealing the truths, the good and ugly parts of the product you’ve brought to the market, more money would come to you. I’ve made more money by revealing to my readers that I’m affiliated to “that” specific link they would click on.

What do you say?

Earlier, I made a bold statement that affiliates shouldn’t try to sell, but to prepare buyers through motivation, information and education.

Those 3 hot buttons can bring you closer to earning six figures annually, from affiliate marketing alone. It’s worked and still works for me and other great guys including Eben Pagan.

Are you an affiliate promoter or still waiting for a push? Why don’t you start today?

It can help you make more money online, while you’re waiting for your blog to grow into a community. Do me a favor, share your view in the comment below if you’ve enjoyed this post. Will ya?

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