Affiliate Dot Com Live! with Mark Anastasi

Mark Anastasi

Affiliate Dot Com Live! opened today with an awesome presentation by Mark Anastasi. Mark is a true rags to riches story. He went from broke to making $10,000 in 28 days.

Mark shared with us his motivational story. Mark generates his online income from ebooks, membership sits, live webinars and licensing. He learned how to do it by attending seminars like Affiliate Dot Com Live! and finding good mentors and hanging with people who are where he wanted to be. Mark shared his 7 millionaire secrets that changed his life as well as how he went from a 6-figure business to a 7-figure business.

The 7 millionaire Secrets That Changed Mark’s Life and Can Change Yours As Well

  1. The more you learn, the more your earn. If you don’t know how money works, you will spend the rest of your life working for money.
  2. Get good mentors. Without a mentor, your very best thinking has got you exactly where you are today. You can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking you used when you created them.
  3. Money is nothing but the measure of the value you create for other people. Value is created by solving people’s problems. Instead of asking “how do I make more money, ask how can I create more value?”
  4. Money = Value x Levrage.
  5. Sell products! Stop exchanging your time for money.
  6. The peer group solution. You become who you spend your time with.
  7. Your invisible world creates your visible world. What is preventing you from making a million dollar a year?

How Mark Turn a 6-figure Info-Marketing Business Into a 7-Figure Business

  1. Keep improving your skill set and get “next level” mentors
  2. Get a great VP of Operation
  3. Invest more in advertising
  4. Combined email marketing with direct mail and social media
  5. Apply the 80/20 rule
  6. Use the awesome technology of webinars
  7. Run seminars 2 to 3 ties a year

Seeing the list on a blog post is nothing like seeing Mark present it live. And this is the value of attending a live event. The experience is completely different. Look for more coverage of Affilate Dot Com Live! Later.