Affiliate Dot Com Live! with Erik Stafford and Ross Goldberg

Erik Stafford & Ross Goldberg

Affiliate Dot Com Live! day 2 started with how to build instant trust online with Erik Stafford and Ross Goldberg. Trust is one of the keys to making money online. Without trust, nobody is going to buy anything from you or even visit your site.

The average web surfer stays 22.8 second on a website. That’s not a long time but it’s how long you have to establish trust with the visitors. Erik and Ross went over the seven ways to build instant trust online.

1 – Gerat web design

Thanks to services like Google Instant Preview, customers can see your site even before visting you. This makes it doubly important to have a nice appealing web design. Don’t be afraid to spend money on a professional web design. It will help you stand out from the millions of other sites out there and create more trust with your visitors.

2 – killer guarantee

Having a killer guarantee shows customers that you have confidence in your product. Erik and Ross offers a double your money back guarantee on their products. Another example is to offer a 1 year money back guarantee. Don’t be afraid to offer crazy guarantee. If your product is good, the return rate will be next to zero. In the five years that Erik and Ross has been in business, they only had one person take the double your money back guarantee.

You can always protect yourself in your website terms of service. By adding some basic requirements to claim the crazy guarantee, you will prevent people from taking advantage of you.

multiple contact option

Ninety five percent of consumers want to know how to access you via email, telephone or address. If you don’t provide it, the buyer will go somewhere else. Ways for you to offer contact include:

  • Email
  • live chat
  • 800 number with PBX
  • Ticket system
  • Physical address

3rd party business verification

Third party business verification like the BBB can help you build trust for your business. Services like the BBB verify the business and gives the consumers an avenue to settle disputes. Consumers are more likely to buy from a business that has been verified by a 3rd party than one that has not.

Professional Policies

There are two professional policies your web site mut have: the privacy policy and terms of service. The reason for having one it not for people to read. Having a privacy policy and TOS makes your business look more professional and built more trust. A professional privacy policy protects you, you business and your customers. It shows that you take their privacy seriously,

The TOS sets the ground rule for your website. It outlines your trademark and copyright policies, establishes the relationship and outlines both parties legal responsibilities

When creating a privacy policy or TOS, don’t just copy it from another site. That is the worst thing you can do. Take the time to create your own and customize it to serve your needs.

security scanning

Security scanning is like anti-virus for your PC, but for your website. The number one concern your customers have when shopping online is security. People are concern about getting their credit card stolen than they are about their personal safety.

You can built more trust by regularly scanning your servers with services like PCI scanning and getting a trust certificate from services like Truste or Trust Guard.

Establish Social Proof

Over 70% of online purchases at are made based on the customer ratings and reviews system. It’s one of Amazon’s greatest sales tools. Buyers want to find out what other buyers think of the product. Customer ratings and reviews influence more customer to buy than any other form of advertising. Adding social proof to your website is incredibly powerful. Every customer rating and review serves as a personal endorsement.