Affiliate Dot Com Live! Las Vegas – Day 1 Video Recap

The first day of Affiliate Dot Com Live! from Las Vegas is over and I have a video recap. The video will give you an idea on the speakers and give you a taste of how they got their message across. Reading my written blog post about the session is one thing, but it doesn’t really capture it as well as a video recap.

All the day’s speakers were quite good and each covered a topic that they were experts at. The sessions were 90 minutes long. About 60 minutes was dedicated to teaching. The remaining 30 to 45 minute was used to pitch whatever product the speaker was promoting. I wasn’t really crazy about that because I felt it cheapen the presentation and for some speakers, it made the entire presentation look one big sales pitch.

The only person who didn’t try to sell the attendees anything was Shoemoney. By just giving his presentation without a pitch for any Shoemoney products, Shoe left the organizers scrambling to find something to fill the extra time with. You got to love Shoe. He may have not been the best speaker of the day but he for sure got the most respect!