Advanced Email for Bloggers – Email Web Analytics

This is part seven of my series on advanced email marketing for bloggers. In case you missed the past articles or need a refresher course. Here are the links to the past posts:

In this article I’m going to show you some advanced Aweber Email Web Analytics features and how to install it on your blog.

Many of the features of Email Web Analytics, like QuickStats, require no additional installation. You just send your broadcast and a wealth of information will show up in QuickStats a few hours later. While many features work right out of the box, additional installation is necessary to see the really good stuff. By taking the time to install Aweber Email Web Analytics on your blog, you’ll open a whole new world of reporting and targeting options. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Brand your links with your own domain name instead of when sending a text email with click tracking on.
  • Track sales (or downloads) being generated on your blog as a result of subscribers reading your email.
  • Track the number of page hits generated from email messages, but not specifically linked from the message. For example, a reader clicks a link to your blog from the email and then clicks a link in your navigation menu. It is possible to track a reader’s entire journey through your blog using Email Web Analytics.

I will show how to track sales and page hits in a future post. This post will show you to install Email Web Analytics. Once installed, all tracked links to your blog will maintain your blog’s URL. By default, if you’re using the click tracking feature with a plain text message, your subscribers will see a link that looks something like this:

In order to better brand your messages, you will want to avoid having your subscribers see the domain name. You can try to hide the Aweber domain by sending a HTML email but a reader can hover over the link and read the URL. The best way to hide the link is by installing Email Web Analytics. Then even when a reader hovers over a link, he will see your blog’s domain name.

I recommend everyone to install Aweber Email Web Analytics. Most of the future posts in this series will require the feature to be turned on. Installation is very easy. Here’s a step-by-step video on how to do it.

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