AdSense & IntelliTXT, Together At Last

I just got the word that Google has decided that only allowing me (and others like me) to run AdSense and IntelliTXT on the same page is not fair to all the other AdSense publishers who are not like me. Therefore, Google has ruled that AdSense can be used with other contextual advertising services, provided they do not look like Google ads. That means everyone can now run AdSense and Vibrant Media IntelliTXT on the same page!

This new rule applies to all contextual advertising service. Therefore, if you’re using Kontara, or any other contextual ad network, you can run them as long as they don’t look like Google ads. It is good to see Google finally give some good news after releasing their latest TOS update. The only problem I can see for new publishers is Vibrant Media requires 500,000 page views per month in order for a site to run IntelliTXT. But at least you can run it on pages with Google ads now!

With this ruling, Google is really putting the screws to Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN). If you wish to run YPN, it cannot show up on any pages with AdSense ads in them and the YPN ads must not use the same color scheme as the AdSense ads. Given that choice, many publishers will either give up YPN or give up Google. Google feels most will give up YPN because of AdSense superior ad targeting technology.

Now that Google has allowed everyone to run AdSense and IntelliTXT on the same page, I don’t feel so special anymore. 🙁