Adobe and Yahoo Testing PDF Ad Service

I got my email newsletter from good old Web Pro News today and it had a very interesting story on Adobe and Yahoo testing out a new PDF ad service. The opt-in program pulls ads from Yahoo’s network to place in a panel next to the PDF content. Each time the PDF is opened, the ads will be refreshed to keep timely and relevant ones in place.

To participate, publishers register and then upload their PDFs so the ad functionality can be enabled for the document. After that has been completed, the publisher distributes the PDF as usual.

InfoWorld’s participation is of particular interest. The long-time trade journal scrapped its print magazine in opting for an online-only, ad-supported presence. If profitable, we expect to see other print publishers express interest in trying out the program.

Like the Yahoo Publisher Network, this is no doubt for US publishers only and when we’ll see the service offered for the rest of the world is anybody’s guest (I’ll still waiting for YPN to go outside the US). I guess I’ll have to wait to monetize my eBook with PDF ads.