AddThis Premium Tip

For those of you not aware, is a premium plug-ins for WordPress and adds social share buttons to your blog. Social share buttons are a great way to encourage people to “tweet” or “Like” content, quickly getting it across to others on social platforms. This plug-ins is completely automated and can easily be configured from the backend after installation. It provides statistics and you can add/remove social networks with the click of a button. However, social sharing is only good if you get people to clearly promote your content. For example, what good is this plug-in if people aren’t making use of them on your blog? recently published an awesome post on how to target new visitors through clear call-to-actions. They tested the process and found it’s a great way to NOT only get new subscribers, but also get them to join your social page and share your content.

Let’s get started…

Step 1 – Gain Subscribers

The team recommends the best initial approach is to get people to sign up for your newsletter. Having them sign up is a great way to build loyalty and remarket to them several times, ensuring you convert at a later time. Many people make the mistake of paying to market their blog and NOT capturing their email address. This is a waste of marketing dollars and you’ll have a harder time getting them back to your blog. Next, provides you awesome tools to engage users getting them to sign up. For example, making use of their Welcome Bar and/or Marketing Overlay is a great way to create a custom message outlining your offer quickly. In the next step, you’ll learn why this “Welcome Bar” is important and how it can be used to increase subscribers by 20%.

Here are some cool features of the Welcome Bar…

  • Display after certain # of page views
  • Customize color
  • Customize message
  • Program bar to reappear after a certain time frame

Step 2 – Offer a Deal

Many bloggers will agree one of the best ways to get people on your email list is by offering them something for FREE. It’s very difficult to find a quality product for FREE and visitors are often tricked into paying for something that’s been promised for FREE. Here’s how you can take advantage of this opportunity while implementing the “Welcome Bar”.

First, start by figuring out what you’re trying to achieve. For example, if you’re an ecommerce website, then you might want to offer a discount coupon. Next, as a blogger, you might want to give a FREE eBook away that provides awesome value, etc. Some of the best eBooks I’ve seen offered have taken 2-3 months to create but when offered in exchange for an email address, they generated close to 5,000 subscribers in “1” month. Next, if you offer custom products for different types of people interested in niches ranging from health, technology, wealth, etc., then using the welcome bar with the their range of targetable tools, you can customize for different audiences. Here’s a quick list of their tools.

Step 3 – Marketing Overlay

Many people find it hard to get people to start following them on social networks. Visitors arrive on your website and if they don’t subscribe to your newsletter or social media profile, it’s going to be very tough to get them back to your website. Introducing Marketing Overlay by and this cool feature has streamlined while improved the efficiency of getting people to follow you. It’s works like this…

First, you can target visitors with a custom message or call-to-action depending on where they come from. Next, choose what you’re trying to accomplish by setting a custom message or social command. For example, if you want to promote a link, get people to subscribe to your social accounts, etc. When you choose your option, you’ll be able to select the source of traffic. In this setting, you can select things like…

  • Social source
  • New visitors
  • Return visitors
  • Referring domain
  • And many more

Here, you can target different types of people and even get them to join your social groups. These tools have been configured automatically for optimal results by various tests performed by the team. The goal here is to be able to market top them several times through a solid email campaign or social platforms. By using Marketing Overlay, you’ll be able to quickly test and target different people. Each call to action has been configured for different traffic sources and interests. Make use of their tools now and let them tell you what works from years of research they’ve done on their own.

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