Introduces Actionable Insights Notifications is a social tool that streamlines the sharing process for both bloggers and visitors. They have a wide range of share buttons that can easily be added to a blog within seconds. They utilize simple code to make it easy to add the social buttons that matter in increasing user engagement, traffic, etc. Currently they have a reach of over 98% within the United States and this number is slowly increasing. If you haven’t been using social sharing on your website then it’s time to make the shift going forward. Why?

They focus on building the best social tools, content recommendations and targeted advertisements. They recently took their research and development a step further by introducing “Actionable Insights” to their features.


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What Are Actionable Insights?

If your already using on your website or the WordPress plug-in, then you’ve probably started to receive notifications through email. These notifications have been put in place by to provide you data on increased sharing, following or engagement on your site. However, many people don’t know how to utilize this information. With Actionable Insights you’ll be given suggestions from the team on how to increase engagement and a set of recommended tools to help you obtain optimal results. understands different types of people are using social sharing buttons like beginners and experts. Some people know how to analyze the data correctly taking the right actions going forward. However, with beginners you have to guide them in the right direction. Actionable Insights is a great way to provide newbie’s clear cut action plans to take that correspond well with the social data on their website.

With this cool feature you’ll be notified immediately when visitors are engaging with your site in real-time. This means your immediately ready to put the suggestions into action capitalizing on your current visitors. If your like me then your spending enormous time on various different projects at one time. Checking statistics doesn’t come easily to us and this notification will benefit us greatly. The next time I publish an article and it goes viral, I’ll be notified by since they’ll be keeping track of the progress for me. Instead of me continuously wasting time checking statistics, I’ll be able to focus on my work and let notify me when a trend starts to develop in real-time.

What Is Looking For?

Just like we see spikes in our visitors within Google Analytics, looks for the same information however ONLY in relation to social shares. For example, they are looking for average spikes on all social networks combined in reference to sharing. Obviously, it will ONLY calculate the number depending on the social sharing buttons you’ve added to your content. For example, I’ve configured my posts to display Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Email. will calculate the average shares amongst all these social networks comparing them to other data they have for relevant websites. If my content outshines my competitors then I’ll be notified immediately about this change and they’ll even offer suggestions going forward.

Wrapping It Up… social sharing is a FREE tool to add to your pages. They have HTML code for websites that are NOT using WordPress. For those WordPress users, you can simply install a plug-in and configure it using the key provided within your backend. You should check out their website and give their tools a try! You’ll be surprised at the awesome features they provide to users and Actionable Insights is just their most recent development.

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