Added MyBlogLog To The Blog

I finally got around to adding MyBlogLog to the blog. It’s located under the Top Commentators on the right sidebar. MyBlogLog allows you to put a face to the reader. When a MyBlogLog member visits this blog, his picture shows up in the Recent Readers. Clicking on the pic will take you to that reader’s MyBlogLog page, where you can find out what blog(s) the reader run and view other MyBlogLog users who are part of the reader’s community.

In addition to seeing who is visiting your blog, MyBlogLog offers a quite a bit of stats (if you upgrade to MyBlogLog Pro). You can find out where your readers came from, what pages they viewed and what links they clicked on. Everyone who signs up for MyBlogLog gets MyBlogLog Pro for three days to try out for free. After that, it switches back to the free version, which I assume has no stats.

So far, only two members have joined my blog community. However, I’m sure that number will increase in the next few days. If you’re a MyBlogLog member, then please join my community. It’s a great way for you to connect with other readers of this blog and show those readers what your blog has to offer.

*Update – It looks like this blog already made the “Hot Communities” list. That was really fast. They haven’t even got my blog image yet! LOL 🙂