A Tale of Two Forums

Once upon a time there was a forum name Techvibes. Techvibes was a nice place to hang out and network with fellow techies. A major bonus was the forums were filled with local people who got a along famously with each other and there were even monthly face to face networking events so members can put names to faces.

The software that Techvibes runs on is extremely outdated and as such, very open to attacks from spammers and trolls. Numerous pleads to the Techvibes administration went unanswered and the spam kept coming. The Mods did the best they could with what they had but their powers were very limited because they can’t ban people – only an admin can do that and he was always out to lunch.

Finally pushed to the edge, the active Techvibes members decided that enough was enough, and staged a coup. Tazzu.ca is the new home for disgruntle Techvibes members. It was just started yesterday and already the sheep’s are flocking to the new greener fields that are free of forum spams. This exodus has not gone un-noticed by the Techvibes administrator, who is now in full damage control mode.

All I can say is, too little too late. Had Techvibes took my advice to install vBulletin, none of this would have happen. The funny thing is, Tazzu is powered by phpBB, which is way behind vBulletin, but far ahead of anything on Techvibes.

I would like to invite all my blog readers to sign up on Tazzu. It’s a nice friendly place with friendly members. Just don’t try to pet the green guy.