A Safe Place for Email Marketers To Do Ad Swaps

If you’ve been doing email marketing for a while, you’ll eventually come across the ad swap. This is where you get together with another list owner and swap ads. You email his offer to your subscribers and he emails your offer to his subscribers. It’s a good way to leverage a mailing list and it’s free. The problem is finding reliable partners to swap ads with and setting it all up. How do you know the other party will mail your offer? Can you trust his list? What is his true subscriber count? These and other questions are what a new service call Safe-Swaps tries to solve.

What Is Safe-Swaps?

Safe-Swaps is the brainchild of Uncle Dimitry. The site is a place where other email list owners can swap ads with each other. Safe-Swaps automate most of the tedious works involved with ad swapping, like finding partners, setting up mailing dates, sending the ad copy, tracking the results, etc.

All members get a central calendar, where they can easily add swaps, track results and do everything they need to control the entire process. Safe-Swaps monitors everything for you – from the initial proposal to the actual mailing, and beyond. The system integrates seamlessly with Aweber and GetResponse, the Internet’s two most popular email marketing solutions.

Searching for Swap Partners

Safe Swaps

Safe-Swaps list their members in three groups – members with less than 2000 names, members with 2001 to 5,000 and members with more than 5,000 names. The list can show both verified and unverified lists. A verified list means Safe-Swaps has confirmed the list size. Verification is done by giving Safe-Swaps a temp login to your list provider so they can confirm the subscriber count.

Once you find someone you want to swap ads with, you just click the Book a swap link and it will bring up that member’s calendar with his booking schedule.

Safe Swaps Calendar

As you can see, Scott Case is all booked out until March 10th. If you want to swap ad with any members, simply click on an unbooked space in their calendar and it will pop up a proposal screen. If the other party agrees to the swap, Safe-Swaps does the rest. You can send swap proposals to any members and they can send proposals to you.

Membership in Safe-Swaps cost $24.95 a month. However, to encourage you to try out the service, the first month is only $1. If Safe-Swaps isn’t all you hope it would be, you can cancel your membership and they won’t bill you for next month. They won’t refund your dollar however.

If you’re an email marketer looking to leverage your list by doing some ad swaps with other email marketers, Safe-Swaps is worth checking out.