A Rose By Any Other Name

Today I presented Sarah with one red rose; one for her uniqueness, red for her radiant, a rose for her beauty. She was really happy to receive it, and I must admit that her reaction was a very pleasant surprise to me. Judging by the giggling smile on her face, you would think she won the lottery. Then again, this may have something to do with the fact that I have never ever brought flowers before. I will have to change my ways.

We looked at another new development call Opal. This is an 18 story high rise being built at Richmond Centre Mall. Like all new developments, all the 1 bedroom units were snapped up in the first few hours. Only 2 bedroom units remain. The sales rep told me that one person lined up outside the sales office for two days to get the cheapest 1 bedroom unit in the complex. Cheap is a relative term – the guy still paid $269,000 for it. Still, he did get somewhat of a bargain as all the other 1 bedroom units went for $299,000.

The other first for me today was attending a strata meeting for my town home complex. I have never been to one since moving here. The meeting was about what I expected – a bunch of owners bitching and whining about what’s wrong with the complex. Some of the problems are unique to Richmond. For example quite a few units are owned by Astronaut families. Astronauts are non residents who purchase a house here for their wife and kids but work back in their home country. Sometimes both the husband and wife go back to the home country, leaving the kids to stay behind. This is the case with our complex. The Astronauts kids are your basic spoiled rich kids. They have a house, a car, money, and their parents (who pays for everything) are back home in Hong Kong. The main problem the owners are having with the kids are them driving too fast into the complex. They want to put up speed bumps to slow them down. They rejected my solution about laying down a spike belt.