A Plug Came Loose

Last night my server admin was over at Net Nation to install two new servers into the server cage. The new servers are to handle TTZ Media network’s new ad engine and The TechZone’s new Apache. Somewhere during the install, a power cord came loose on one of old servers. However, nobody noticed – the plug came loose on the server end and not the power plug end. As a result of the lost of power, this blog was down from 2AM till 10AM this morning.

We spent most of today setting up the two new servers. TTZ Media is all completed and running at full speed. There were some problems with permissions and path that needed to fixed. The TechZone’s new Apache server is also up and running but some parts of the site (older pages) are not showing up. There were also some permission and path problems as well. Also, the email doesn’t seem to be working right now so please don’t contact me via my TTZ address.

The cage that house all the servers that powers my sites is now full. When I get back from E3 Expo I’m going to contact Net Nation about upgrading to a bigger cage. That will give me enough space to add 10 more servers. I don’t need to add 10 servers at this time so I may sub lease some of the free space. If anyone needs some rack space, give me a shout.