A Night with Blogging’s Big 3

On Tuesday, March 29, I will hosting a live 2-hour long webinar with Jonathan Volk and Zac Johnson. During this webinar, we will share our tips and experiences and answer any questions you have. We will get you all excited about the possibility of making money online and then at the end of the Webinar, we will sell you….NOTHING.

All Content, No Sales Pitch

The idea for this webinar came about when I was joking with Zac Johnson about doing a webinar where we would give out great information and just when everyone is expecting the sales pitch, we say good night. Zac loved the idea and said he was in if I decide to do it. Jonathan Volk loved the idea as well so A Night with Blogging’s Big 3 was born.

Only 1,000 Seats Available – Reserve Now

This webinar is free to attend but seating is limited to 1,000 people. Here’s the bad news. Over 350 seats are already gone before this blog post even went live. Both Zac and Jonathan will be blogging about this and mailing their list. Those remaining seats will go fast. If you want to guarantee yourself a spot, then you need to go register now.

Again, this webinar is all content. There will be absolutely no sales pitch what-so-ever. We have nothing to sell. We’re doing this mostly to build a better bond with our readers and partly to stick it those gurus who offer webinars that are nothing more than thinly disguised sales pitches. See you on Tuesday!

*Please Note: This webinar will NOT be recorded. You have to be there live.

Reserve Your Seat for A Night with Blogging’s Big 3