A Night with Blogging’s Big 3 Webinar Replay

Originally, I wasn’t planning to record A Night with Blogging’s Big 3. However, with over 1,400 people registered and room for only 1,000, I got a ton of emails asking me to provide some kind of reply so here it is.

I should state the reason for not wanting to record the Webinar wasn’t to make the event more exclusive, it was because it takes a lot of processing power and hard drive space to record a two hour long screen capture video. I had to break out two computers and put them side by side in order to do it and the post processing took the better part of the night.

I want to thank everyone who made out to the Webinar and I want to especially thank Zac Johnson and Jonathan Volk for being part of it. We had a great time putting on the Webinar and really enjoyed the Q&A session. It was great to see such a wide range of attendees.

I gave out a special URL and a piece of code to all the attendees during the Webinar. Unfortunately, I can not republish that information in this post. It’s one of those things where if too many people know about it, then it will eventually lose its value and be shut down.

Your feedback on the Webinar is most welcome. Did you like the format? What would you like to see in the future? Were shocked that there was truly no sales pitch at the end? Let us know!