A New Chow Family Member

It is my pleasure to tell you that Sarah gave birth to a 7lb 2oz baby girl! It was a long labor. We went to the hospital on Friday at 7AM and by 11PM we were only had a 5cm opening (10cm is required to give birth). At that point the doctor recommended a C Section to get the baby out. You can imagine the disappointment Sarah felt after laboring for so long and not be able to give a natural child birth. The C Section went well and our baby entered the world at 1AM, Saturday morning.

Both baby and mommy are doing well. We expect to be home sometime on Monday. I’m typing this post from the hospital’s computer. There is no card reader on it so I can’t upload our baby’s picture yet. I will do that tomorrow when I tap my laptop into this NIC connection.

I would like to thank everyone at BC Women’s Hospital. You people did an amazing joy adding this bundle of joy to our lives.