A Little Rain Never Hurts A BBQ

Today was the annual summer BBQ for our townhouse complex. The BBQ is a good way to get to know your neighbors. Our community is a close knit group – only 22 town homes – and we all have a lot in common. For one thing, everyone is Chinese – this is Richmond after all! Richmond is probably the only place in Canada where a local white guy can feel out of place because 75% of the population is Asian. If you want to know what Hong Kong is like without traveling there, go to Richmond!

Our BBQ was interrupted by some rain. Fortunately, it didn’t rain heavy but it did force some people to find shelter under the garage. Luckily, the rain didn’t last long.

Just like last year’s BBQ, there was too much food. I can’t believe you can buy that much food for just $30 per townhouse. If I eat this much everyday I’ll become a fat blob and no amount of working out would help! This was my in-laws’ second BBQ and they really enjoyed it. It was also cool that they were able to talk to the other town home owners. The official language of the BBQ was Cantonese, but nearly everyone (except me) can speak Mandarin.

I just spoke English to everyone since my Cantonese isn’t that great and my Mandarin is non-existent. This created a few funny situations. Someone spoke to me in Cantonese and I have to tell Sarah in English what the person said. Seeing that, the person would speak to Sarah and Mandarin and then Sarah would have to tell me in English what was said.