A Day At The Vancouver Aquarium

Normally, I try to do all my family events on a weekday so I can avoid all the rat racers who are working for the weekend. One of the downside of living the Dot Com Lifestyle is you forget to keep track of the holidays because everyday is pretty much a holiday. This was what happen this past Friday. We decided to take a nice family day at the Vancouver Aquarium. Upon arriving, I found the place absolutely packed. It turns out this is the Easter long weekend and families were out in force to take advantage of the nice weather.

Joining Sally, Sarah and me on this Dot Com Aquarium trip were my mom and Sally’s two cousins, Daniel and Amy. Going to a crowded family place is a mixed blessing. On the positive side, it allows Sally and her cousins to interactive with more kids. The negative is I no longer have the place to myself, which I have gotten quite used to over the years. Finding a free parking spot is also a problem.

The video below was filmed using a Canon IS870 digital camera instead of my trusty Flip Mino. The quality of the Canon is actually better than the Mino. However, it lacks a the close milked mic of the Mino so the audio picks up a lot more background noise. My new Canon Vixia HFS100 HD camcorder should be arriving next week. All future videos will be filmed in pure HD. ‘

Happy Easter!