A Closer Look at PepperjamADS

Pepperjam Network launched on January 15 to a lot of fanfare. Pepperjam network is a next generation affiliate marketing network that includes a number of advanced tools that allow Web site owners to monetize their Web traffic. One of those tools is the PepperjamADS and Kris Jones (Pepperjam founder and CEO) ordered this review to show it off.

What Is PepperjamADS?

PepperjamADS is an affiliate marketing widget from Pepperjam Network that you can use to serve customized contextual ads from one or multiple Pepperjam Network advertisers at the same time. The ad units come in various shapes and sizes. Here’s a sample of the 468×60 unit.

The really nice thing about PepperjamADS is you can mix and mash ads from any of the Pepperjam Network merchant partners. For instance, you can create a make money widget by selecting various ads from multiple webmaster merchants, like SEOmoz or Text Link Ads. At the other end, you can create a specific widget with ads from just one merchant.

The thing that really separates pepperjamADS technology from anything else is that you get to choose the ads you want in the widget. All the other affiliate network allow you to select a specific banner or specific text link for only one merchant. Unless you have banner ad software running, you are limited to promoting one specific merchant per banner. To see how easy it is to install and run PepperjamADS on your site, Pepperjam Network created this video.

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