99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Twitter. In the short time Twitter has been around, it has pretty much changed the way I do business. Right up until the time Google let me back into their index, Twitter was my biggest referrer of traffic and one of my main money makers. In my quest for Tweeting knowledge, I came across a book call 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter. This is not an eBook but an actual book you can buy at Amazon.com.

99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter was written by the editors of GEEKPRENEUR. What started off as a introduction to Twitter eBook has turned into a 376 page reference guide.

Last year, we released our twitter ebook as an introduction to using Twitter. We could not have anticipated that our ebook would become one of the most downloaded Twitter ebooks or that Fortune 500 companies would be contacting us to include the ebook in their corporate intranets. But what we DID anticipate is that Twitter would be a strong and viable business and marketing tool. And so we assigned our entire writing and research staff to work towards releasing a Twitter business book. The result is 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter.

As you know no doubt guessed, 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter shows you 99 ways to make money with Twitter. Some of the ways are pretty obvious (like put affiliate links in your tweets) but there are many other ways that I guarantee you’ve never thought of before. Each chapter comes with a rating system to rate the difficulty, skill and income potential for each of the 99 methods.
99 ways to make money using Twitter
In addition to the key ratings, 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter features handy tips for success and best practices model for each method. The books offers tons of information and doesn’t have to be read in a linear fashion. Just choose the method that appeals to you and read it. 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter is ideally suited for individuals, businesses and Internet marketers. It’s a handy reference guide that you’ll want to refer to again and again.

99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter is available from Amazon.com in both hardcover edition ($34.95) and Kindle edition ($19.95). Every Twitter user who’s serious about improving their business or social media income should get a copy. It’s well worth the read and I’ve picked up a lot of great ideas from it that is going to make me far more than the book price.