8 Best WordPress Plugins

Out of all of the ways to work online, affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the most lucrative ways to make some serious cash. Essentially, affiliate marketing is when an online retailer pays another website when they bring sales their way.

For example, if you decide to work on an affiliate program through Amazon, you’ll review/discuss products available on their website and provide a special link. When your readers click your special link and make a purchase, you make some of the money that comes in from their purchase.

After you create a series of strong landing pages, it can become a rapidly growing money machine. There are some people that make residual money for years after they review a product.

When you’re creating your website, it’s important that you use the best plugins that blend seamlessly with an affiliate marketing strategy. We have 8 of the best plugins for you to start using today to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level.

1. Pretty Links

Pretty Links, as the name implies, allows you to make your affiliate links look better when you’re sharing it on both your social media and within your actual content.

It’s a breeze to shorten your links, and your customers will love it too. Long, clunky links can make a reader feel unsure about clicking your link, as they might not be sure exactly where the link goes. However, when you shorten it, customize it, and direct right to your affiliate sales page, the entire transaction becomes much easier.

2. Thirsty Affiliates

This next plugin is designed to help increase your organization as an affiliate marketer. There will come a time when your links might change, or you might realize that you didn’t use the correct link when uploading your content.

There’s no reason to worry when you use the Thirsty Affiliates plugin. This plugin allows you to gather all of your affiliate links in one easy to use format. When you open the control panel for the plugin you’ll see a list of all of your affiliate links and what pages they are located on

Once you find the links that need to be fixed, you can simply go in, click the links that need reworked, then update and/or delete it from the list. This will remove or replace it within the article. It’s that easy!

3. OptinMonster

Next, we are going to look at OptinMonster. This plugin has many practical uses, but it has found a fond home with affiliate marketers around the globe.

OptinMonster allows you to create custom campaigns based on the type of content your viewers look at while on your page. Once they have triggered a certain set of criteria, a popup is triggered designed to get the reader to react to the call to action.

For example, if a reader looks at 3 or more technology products, this plugin can trigger a popup to check out more information about the latest and greatest technology affiliate link you added to your page. This plugin helps direct customers where you would like them to go without being pushy or overbearing — perfect for affiliate marketing.

4. AffiliateWP

When you’re creating your affiliate marketing site, you’re going to need to keep track of your referral links as well as the prices of each item you’re marketing.

This plugin puts a brand new tab on your WordPress site that shows you all of the current links you have up, as well as what you’re selling each product for, and the reference number for your affiliate link.

It goes without saying that this information is invaluable for those who are new to affiliate marketing and need help handling their first batch of links. This is equally valuable to veteran marketers who have a ton of links and need help keeping everything in line.

5. WPForms

WP Forms is another great plugin that can help affiliate marketers. This particular plugin can help you build a strong relationship with your audience. Simply put, people are more likely to take recommendations and buy from people they trust.

When you add this plugin to your page, you’ll be able to do two important things. First, you can build a contact page so customers can easily get in touch with you if they have any questions about the products you’re selling, or about your website.

You can also use WP Forms to build a way for people to subscribe to your newsletter. This is excellent for people who want to reach out to their audience with their latest posts and news every week or month. Using WP Forms is a breeze and you can have these forms built in minutes.

6. EasyAzon

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon is a very popular website with the affiliate marketing crowd. EasyAzon allows you to take the hassle out of searching for products on Amazon.

The plugin works with the other referral links you use to find products that fit within your niche. You can grab the product, the link, and even add the Amazon Buy It Now button to your website to make the final purchase even easier for customers.

The best part about this plugin is that you can do everything we just mentioned directly from your website, saving you time and energy.

7. MonsterInsights

One of the most important things you need to do once you have your links up and running is keeping tabs on how well they are doing. MonsterInsights is a plugin that gives affiliate marketers the ability to monitor important information about their links.

You’ll be able to look at each of your links and see how many sales and/or clicks you’ve gained. This will help you discover what products are selling, and which ones are collecting dust. You’ll be able to track all of your traffic and start making smart decisions about the type of content you publish.

8. AdSanity

AdSanity is the last plugin on our list, but it is not the least valuable. This tool gives you the ability to produce additional revenue by changing the way you advertise your affiliate links.

Besides posting the links in your content, you can also advertise your affiliate links in ads within the content and on the sidebar. Customize the time, type of content, and on what pages they will show up so you can tailor your customer’s experience.

As you experiment with different ad routines, AdSanity will help you discover the most profitable and user-friendly way to blend affiliate links in with the rest of your content.