7 Unique and Easy Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a great way to generate more leads for your business and encourage users to become loyal subscribers to your blog. Lead magnets are basically a freebie that you offer to your website visitors in exchange for their email address. You want to offer your website visitors a lead magnet that they’ll love. Some of the most popular types of lead magnets are eBooks and mini eBooks, as well as guides. But those lead magnets take time to create. Plus, an eBook or a guide doesn’t interest a lot of people because they take time to read too.

Instead, you want to create a quality lead magnet quickly, that your audience will want to get their hands on immediately. Luckily, there are a number of lead magnet ideas you may not have considered that are highly-effective and can be crafted in no time at all.

Check out these 7 unique and easy lead magnets that will get you more subscribers.

1. Checklist

A checklist is one of the quickest lead magnets to make and it works for a number of different businesses and industries as well. For instance, if you started a blog about blogging, you could create a checklist for writing the perfect blog post. An accountant could create a tax prep checklist. And an eCommerce business could create a checklist for a music festival, recommending their audience to purchase a rain coat, a fanny pack, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

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Plus, a checklist is easy to consume for your audience. They can download your checklist after opting in and use it right away with little effort.

2. Resource list

A resource list is another awesome lead magnet idea that you can pull together in no time. A resource list is basically a list of recommended websites, articles, tools, etc. to help your website visitors learn how to do something or reach their goals. Resource lists are a huge hit with audiences. You save them a ton of time and research by pulling together everything they need to know into one place.

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Don’t just add links to a document, convert it to a PDF, and leave it at that though. You need to design an eye-catching resource list so that your audience feels like they’re receiving a quality lead magnet.

3. Calendar

Another unique and easy lead magnet idea is a calendar. A calendar lead magnet is especially great for businesses and blogs centered around fitness because you can add exercise and meal plans for each week, so subscribers have everything planned out for them.

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But a calendar lead magnet could work for a number of other niches as well. You could create a content calendar template for bloggers, a study calendar for students, or a social media holiday calendar.

4. PDF version

Want to create a lead magnet in an instant? Look no further than the PDF version lead magnet. You can take your most popular blog post, turn it into a PDF, and offer it to your website visitors to download.

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A PDF version of your blog post gives people the opportunity to own your blog post and read it over and over again at their leisure, without requiring an internet connection. This lead magnet is super simple to create and highly-effective.

5. Template

Another unique and easy lead magnet to create is the template. Templates are super useful for your audience. You can turn a number of tasks into a template such as writing a blog post or creating a resume. All you have to do is provide an outline for the task and provide users a space to fill in the blanks with their personal details.

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You can sweeten the deal of your lead magnet and get even more people to click the download button by providing a number of different templates at once. For instance, in the example above you get 5 free blog post templates to create the how-to post, list-based post, curated collection post, slideshare presentation post, and newsjacking post.

6. Membership

One often overlooked lead magnet idea is the membership. A membership site makes people feel like they’re a part of something special. You can charge members a fee or offer a free membership in exchange for their email address. With a membership users can gain access to special content like a podcast, exclusive blog posts, or a members-only forum.

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Creating a membership site might seem time-consuming and difficult but with a membership plugin like MemberPress, it’s easy. With MemberPress you can turn your existing website into a membership site and easily control who sees what content.

7. Facebook group

If you don’t want to create a membership site, another option for you is a private Facebook group. Your website visitors can request to join your private Facebook by providing their email address.

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You can create a private Facebook group in no time at all, but of course, some upkeep is required with this type of lead magnet. You’ll need to keep your Facebook group updated with helpful, entertaining posts as well as interact with members in the comment section in order to keep your group members active and engaged.


You can create most of these lead magnets using a free tool like Canva and you can present your lead magnet with an attention-grabbing popup using a tool like OptinMonster. Now that you’ve got some great lead magnet ideas that are easy to create and irresistible to your audience, get ready for your email list to grow like crazy.