7 Tech Startups Business Owners Need to Know

One of the biggest markets in business is B2B, or business who create products and services for other businesses. After all, working where there is definitely money to be spent is one of the safest ways to work, and you cannot blame many smart entrepreneurs for going the tech route. These businesses aim to help other business owners increase their success through tech based solutions, and succeed at doing so time and time again.

Tech Startups to Help your Business Grow

Even problems other companies have solved can always be innovated on, especially given the abundance of new technology. These seven startups are really working to help businesses grow, and will be integral in the future for many to continue to succeed.


  1. Squarespace: Publishing web content and operating online is a necessity in today’s business world. However, managing an online presence is not easy, and many business owners cannot afford to hire out. That is where Squarespace comes in, having just announced the newest version of their full suite program, Squarespace 7. The user friendly design makes giving annotations, changing content, and managing your business online easy and quick, saving you time when time is money.
  2. Delighted: If you have ever wondered what your customers really think about your business (which you should have!), then Delighted is a startup you need to take notice of. By collecting and analyzing in depth feedback from customers, Delighted provides better quality reviews than many other platforms, giving business owners a clearer picture of their standing with customers and a clear route ahead on where to improve. Even if a customer chooses not to leave in depth feedback, the easy to create customer surveys will provide you with exactly what you want to know for less hassle.
  3. Froont: Have you ever had the perfect idea for a website design, but not the means to create it? Of course you have. Froont is a business that provides an easy to use platform to design websites sans writing code, and the best part is is that you can easily share them with employees and partners. The designs that can be created on the platform are sleek and professional, and best of all, they are open source. It is perfect for those who want to get feedback on their website, or would like to clone a site from a pre-existing site designed on Froont, and in an increasingly sharing emphasized world, this is simply indispensable for business owners.
  4. Hostt.com: Hosting can be one of the biggest pains in the butts in the world.  Hostt is a Silicon Valley startup that makes hosting your website very easy at a cost that’s affordable to everyone… Free.  They make it very easy to signup and have 24/7 support.  They are currently expanding outside the US to everywhere around the world.
  5. AppSee: Analytics services are absolutely necessary to monitor how people are interacting with your business online. However, AppSee takes it one step further and is able to give business owners in detail analytics about how customers are behaving on their app and how they are using it. In addition to affording you the opportunity to optimize your app for your customer’s behavior trends, it also allows you the opportunity to better your sales potential with them by the same token. AppSee is currently only available for iOS, but an Android version is coming in the future.
  6. Nimbl: For businesses that have physical locations and deal in cash, running out of change in the middle of the day can be a death sentence to making sales. This is especially true when your business is still small and you cannot afford to spare someone to run out and grab more money – however, with Nimbl, you do not have to. You can order a cash delivery to your business’s door and someone will be there shortly, taking that burden off of your mind. In addition to this, if your business operates in cash only, you could refer your customers to use Nimbl instead of going out to find an ATM where you might possibly lose them to a competitor. Convenience is truly where success lies for many businesses, and Nimbl personifies that.
  7. Appboy: Having automated marketing takes a lot of the pressure off of your shoulders. However, having good automated marketing is another thing entirely, but that is what Appboy delivers. With tools that monitor user engagement with mobile apps, Appboy is able to take the guesswork and trial out of your hands and give you the best results possible. With a 210% growth rate for the businesses, it is easy to see that Appboy delivers, and is definitely a good tool for business owners.

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