7 Reasons Why I Remembered Your Website

This post was guest blogged by Alan Johnson, who teaches you how to build a profitable website in 10 days over at The Rating Blog

After having covered the top 7 reasons why I may forget about your website with my previous guest post, it’s time to analyze things from an entirely different perspective and look into the top 7 reasons thanks to which I may just remember what your website is all about:

1 – A catchy URL

If you are creative when it comes to choosing your domain name, people will definitely give you credit for that and, as such, remember that you’re out there. No, you don’t have to spend over 5 figures in order to buy a great domain name, you just have to be creative, with del.icio.us being one of the best examples.

2 – An interesting concept, something which makes your website unique

Aside from the URL, you can also increase your chances at having me remember your website by having an interesting concept, something which makes your it stand out compared to all of the similar resources out there, something which makes it unique.

3 – A great design

The importance of your design should never be underestimated and even if, sure, a lot of websites with a less than impressive design have been successful, that doesn’t mean that this aspect should be neglected. If you have a great design, one people will admire, you can be certain that they may just remember your website thanks to it as well.

4 – An absolutely awful design

As a webmaster, I have to admit: if I see a website with a horrible design and I mean absolutely awful, I tend to remember it. Of course, I won’t exactly be thrilled to return but why not, you could gain your share of “how not to” links as a result of such an approach.

5 – Quality content

If your content is worth it, if it provides value to me as the visitor and if going through what your website has to offer in terms of information is time well spent on my part, I will definitely appreciate that and, as such, will remember it and even consider following your resource on a regular basis.

6 – Frequent updates

As previously stated: if you provide value, I will be tempted to return. And if you manage to provide value on a regular basis, then, you’ve guessed it: I will definitely want to drop by on a regular basis as well. In the end, no matter how much time we were to spend searching for shortcuts, providing value is the name of the game, and things are not about to change anytime soon.

7 – An important achievement

If, as a webmaster, you have had at the very least one important achievement, then you can rest assured that people will indeed remember and, in most cases, associate it with your website as well as with your brand as a webmaster. If you have done something remarkable then I will definitely give you credit and, of course, remember your website as a result.