7 Highly Effective SaaS Marketing Strategies (Plus Tools!)

You keep putting out content, but you feel like you’re missing something. It’s like you know you have talent and you’re trying to be creative but you need more grit and the right strategy to keep the ball rolling.

Don’t go yet, you have to keep reading.

We all know that Software as a Service or SaaS has contributed greatly to the big face change of business and digital marketing– delivering services online anytime, anywhere. Basically, with this great innovation and solution-solving software, the digital market has exponentially grown. You name it- from booking your dog’s grooming to booking a hotel in the Bahamas to ordering flowers for a friend 10,000 miles away— convenience at its core— delivered and done, all at the tip of your fingers.

And with this growth, there is an undeniable existence of competition among SaaS business owners. Business to Business SaaS Marketers today is in for a tough game. And it’s almost as if everyone’s keeping their business muscles in check. And if you’re one of them, you need to have solid strategies.

We like to put it this way: The needs keep changing. Solutions need updating. You need to keep innovating.

And when we talk about innovation, it’s not only about getting the latest technology for your website but rather innovating in terms of ideas, innovating means changing your strategies and making sure you utilize your metric monitoring to upscale your online business needs. Marketing campaigns can be expensive—and if you’re serious about launching your business to its highest potential, then you can go ahead and invest as much as you want.

But before doing so, you need to go back to the drawing board and sort out what is best for your business and how it can continue to bridge gaps for your customers. Before you go to war, you need those guns loaded. In the same way, before you put out content or release a new product or feature, make sure it will reach people. Planning ahead and partnering it with solid strategies, plus optimizing it all with the right tools can set you up for success.

And talking about strategy and tools, we’ve mindfully thought of a list to affirm your intentions to further upscale your digital business. However you may want to explore online marketing, tools are of utmost importance in order to boost productivity and make things efficient for both you and your users—partner it with the right scheme and strategy, you get yourself a marketing combo to win your game.

Included in the list below are also tools to help you level up your marketing game in the digital arena:

1. Capture Your Ideal Customer Profile

As a smart business owner, you don’t want to take the risk and start a meat food truck around a street full of Vegan restaurants, right? Or sell cat food in a dog-loving community Facebook Public Group. You just want to start where your target market is at. And that’s the wisest thing to do- identify where your ideal customer profiles are. And start from there.

What you want to think about when we say ideal customer profile is that it’s a description of the type of people group or community that would benefit most from your product. If you can target or identify that, then your brand gets picked up easily and conversions from leads to customers are more frequent.

Try this tool!

Facebook Audience Insight

What it does is that it provides you with data and demographics about your followers, page engagements, how many views you got, etc. You can use this data to improve on your strategies and what you can improve on more, but most especially see areas where you want to build on more.

This is a dynamic and beneficial tool (not to mention FREE) that can boost your branding thrust.

2. Level Up Your Content Marketing Game

You just don’t want to throw content out that’s pretty much hyped or nonsense, but every wise marketer knows that solid content that can attract, engage, and sustain customers is something you want to aim for. It’s easier said than done—but it can be done.

With your customer profiles and target audience in mind, now you know what content to put out. You just need tools on how to market it better. Another thing you need to bear in mind is being consistent with your content. It’s more like knowing how to carry and release a familiar voice and theme across all your platforms that can establish your integrity and credibility as a service and solution provider to end-users.

There are tools that can help streamline this strategy of yours—and help you boost productivity as well in the midst of it all.

Try this tool!


What Baseline is good at is helping you create great content and automating that process to make it more convenient for you. With the influx of tasks you and your team are working on, you need tools such as this to add more efficiency in your workflow.

They’ve got tons of brand assets, templates, themed brand-on designs, and even a background removal feature. You can start off with a Free subscription if you just want to explore it, but all their pricing offers are pretty much affordable! Go and sign up and start Baseline-ing!

3. Be Active In Your Social Media Pages And Saas Groups And Communities

We gotta be honest, your branding or your product needs all the social media presence it can get. It’s 2021, and people are mostly on their phones or gadgets almost 24/7. Almost all of the necessary transactions are being done online and as digital marketers, we have to keep up.

People log on to their social media accounts on a habitual basis and it’s definitely a potential ground for customer engagement, so if there is a place where you want to be active, it’s in social media. There’s also the SaaS group network and communities—where you can glean from other marketers as well and thrive in healthy competition. You’ll find what works and what doesn’t. But just keep in mind that you’re not staying active to compare, but to see opportunities for improvement and honing your marketing strategies.

Being active in these platforms means releasing dynamic and relevant content, and consistently putting out campaigns that align with your brand aims. Make amazing social media visuals with SaaS tools!

Try this tool!


If engaging visuals and graphics are what you’ve been looking for, Pixelixe has all that and more. It’s like an online studio for anyone who wants to create amazing stuff online, especially in social media.

It also has customizable templates, and you can automate your image generation by utilizing their simple API. This is a great tool for those Ecommerce shops that want a more efficient way to throw out creative campaigns quickly.

4. Don’t Ignore The Power Of Email Marketing

First things first, many people are still using email. And actually, many are still using email to make their buying decisions. It’s a wise move to make email marketing a part of your strategy.
With email marketing, you get to personalize your message and tailor it based on the analytics you’ve sorted out. You also get to categorize your target market to ensure that you’re sending the right messages at the right timing to your leads, keeping in mind that they need to get the information they need.

Some things you might want to remember:

  • Email marketing can be automated
  • Emails can be sent via mobile phones—so you’re reaching more end-users
  • Email marketing is affordable.
  • Email marketing is personalized.

Try these tools!

Text Blaze

Productivity needs to be on your priority list as you’re managing and sorting out your tasks in making sure you meet your marketing goals and at the same time, sustaining that work-life balance you desire. Tools like Text Blaze are a lifesaver. Text Blaze can help you save a lot of time by automating text snippets and other typing tasks that you have and allowing you to insert and paste them anywhere by utilizing keyboard shortcuts. You can use Text Blaze as well to share folders and collaborate with your team to strengthen your managing activities.


Undeniably, a number of SaaS marketers or providers have relied on email marketing as a way to engage with customers. It is actually an important strategy. We don’t want to take Email Marketing lightly. That’s why getting a tool that can help you with this is a wise move to make.

If you’re using Gmail, you might want to get this. This tool is basically a plugin for Gmail that purposefully automates your email campaigns from within your Gmail account. Auto follow-up is a great feature of this tool. It allows you to respond to the same original message you sent, making it look like you actually hit respond. Not only that, you can also create a recipient list to make it easier for you to set up your email marketing schemes.

5. It Pays To Be Organized- Even With Your Digital Assets!

You may be thinking, “I don’t need that much organizing because we’re not that too big of a team..”—YET. You have to think forward. Starting with a mindset that you’re eventually going to go big is setting yourself up for success and preparing for it is the best way to go.

Basically, your digital asset is anything virtual that belongs to you or of value to your team or organization. These are your data, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, audio recordings, videos, graphics,etc. What you want is to keep all these in check, easily accessed, and managed. When all those files pile up, you need an efficient way to find what you’re needing for the moment.

You need to create or set up a system where you can access your digital assets from one centralized online hub. It’s pretty worth it to go with this idea, especially if you are a big team or if you know you’re going big eventually.

Try this tool!


This is what Filecamp specializes in—Digital Asset Management.

You can use this tool as a corporate system for all your media files or even just for simple file sharing exchanges. You can even customize backgrounds and emails. There’s so many things you can do with your team with this tool.

Browsing controls are fairly straightforward and it’s really user friendly. You don’t need your team to go for training to get into Filecamp! Just get on it, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

6. Connect With Influencers

What made it to twitter’s top 10 trending news? What made it to the most searched YouTube video? It’s probably not a ‘what” but a “who”. It’s the influencers that run the social media platforms nowadays. From trending TikTok dance challenges to famous Twitter hashtags, influencers have changed the social media game. And yep, big brands are funding them.

If you’re wanting to take the risk and elevate your branding presence, connecting with current influencers can help boost that strategy up.

Try this tool!

Try Alexa

This is where you get to build opportunities for site traffic; by identifying potential partnerships utilizing a backlink analysis, you can definitely upscale your connections. You can easily discover what relevant content can resonate with your target market and release content that’s more promising for your audience to engage with and link to.

7. Polish Your Brand Image. Or Re-brand!

When you think of products you use on a daily basis, sometimes we call them by brand, not by the name of the product or item itself. Brands become household names. Brands that have lasted for decades have connected people and linked communities. Fast food chains, grocery stores, snacks, and many more. What message is your brand carrying? What solution is it bringing to the table?

Branding marks your business and gives you a market presence. Now in the digital world, branding is all the more needed, matched with powerful marketing thrusts so your product or business can be recognized. Your brand name, the products that come with it, or services you offer, your logo, and how you cater to your customers are important factors in branding.

You need to polish that brand image or if you think that it’s not working now or it’s not as effective as you’ve imagined it to be, it’s time to re-think and re-brand. You need to look at how you can improve on how your campaign on your social media platforms.

Try these tools!


What we love about this tool is that it’s a treasure cove for all your graphic design needs. If you need to make dynamic logos, brand visuals, creative icons, videos, vlogs, animated graphics— name it. It’s all set up and compatible with your social media platforms. You don’t need to be an expert or professional to be able to use this amazing tool. Go ahead and explore Drawtify!


It’s 2021, people have ten thousand things going on—and most of it is online. You sometimes don’t have the time to draw up campaigns from scratch. It’s more like you need ready or templated ones and just build from that. And if you can find a haven for that online, you should go for it.

So here’s where Pixelied comes in. This is your perfect source for all those templates, design formats, illustrations, stock photos and other design elements you would need to build your dream marketing campaign. It also has a great workspace and file management feature you can check out to make your work more seamless.


With all these ideas and strategies in place, the most important thing to bear in mind is what works for you. You may just take one out of the seven and it hits home. It all depends if it aligns with your brand vision or your company goals. At the end of the day, all the innovation, planning and execution comes down to your intentionality and desire to thrust your business forward.

Engaging with your clients is one thing, sustaining customers is another. SaaS companies need to strengthen their marketing potentials and keep sharpening those strategies as the digital space keeps evolving.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and remember that even in business, success is a journey. It’s more about progress than perfection.

Author’s Bio

Shelly is the co-founder of SaaSLaunchr.com, a marketing agency extending blog outreach service and search engine optimization for SaaS companies.

She first dabbled on SEO in 2009 when she worked under a software company. She loves growth hacking and trying out new SEO techniques. Catch her musings at the Medium.