7 Exceptional Ways To Build Quality Backlinks Fast

Do you want to build quality backlinks?

If your web page has quality and relevant links pointing to it, you could easily dominate Google homepage and cash in. It’s no longer news that we need links and plenty of them to improve our search engine performance.

But how do you build links especially now that Google and her savvy programmers & developers are watching your back? There is so much desperation these days, several bloggers and internet entrepreneur are becoming confused on what to do to improve their ranking.

Their question is often similar, “how do I build links that Google like?” I’m sure you’ve been looking for those practical, helpful and simple strategies to supercharge your link building. That’s why I’m here. Put aside everything you know about link building and ride with me on this glamorous adventure. I promise to make it fun, realistic and a bit controversial (what do you expect)?

All Links Are Not Born Equal

Something extraordinary happened to my niche blogs when I started building the right links. Prior to this time, I’ve generated over 500 backlinks but ranking was still miles away. It doesn’t matter when your domain name was registered and how many links you’ve built from thousands of blogs, you may still not rank until you change your approach.

All links are not born equal. Some links carry heavy weight and if your web page feeds on these types of links, attaining good spot on Google top 10 is a sure thing. When you’re looking to get backlinks, you’ve to keep this in mind.

But don’t be deceived, I’m not talking about high PR blogs and sites per say. Although, it’s part of the game but what Google is after is engagement. Do you know any engaged blog or site around? Any link you acquire from there is SEO friendly and juicy.

1. Contextual Citation Strategy

The best way to build backlinks right now is by using contextual citation strategy. Do you know what it means? Alright, I’ll explain. When we’re reading online, we want to know the meaning of some words and phrases as well as annotations used. If an article doesn’t have citations or references, it makes reading boring and we tend to give up.

Now, contextual citation strategy deals with links that are relevant to the topic under discussion. Let’s say your article is about search engine optimization. We know there are terms that should be defined or made clearer especially for beginners and intermediates. When you cite to other related articles that has solution to this, that particular link is SEO friendly and has a strong influence in search performance.

Why? It’s because you’re helping the reader to learn more, and explore related articles initially written. Google will reward such links, because you’re simplifying content marketing in an entertaining manner.

2. Above The Fold Links

After the last Google updates, a lot of websites and blogs was penalized for having plenty of ads above the fold. Note that this penalty isn’t as a result of ads itself; it’s the manner at which they appear. “Above the fold” is the first area a visitor to your blog sees without scrolling further down.

Google wants you to deliver results first and foremost before advertising. And even if you’ve to show ads above the fold, in-text link ads would work.

Now, how does this affect links? Well, in many ways but most importantly, it appends a strong importance to your anchor links. If you’re building links to your web pages, aim for this section (above the fold).

Don’t put your links below the article or author bio. Those still matters but it’s a lot spicier in ‘above the fold.’

3. Twisted Guest Posting

Guest posting is powerful. Four of my niche blogs are ranking highly on Google homepage – courtesy of guest posting. It’s become a popular marketing system and even probloggers like Zac Jonshon, Onibalusi, Carol Tice etc. are actively using it.

But there is a secret to making it work. The method of guest posting I use for link building is a bit “twisted.” Does that sound confusing?

Here is how it works: instead of writing 10 guest posts and submitting to 10 different blogs that have no active and engaged readers, simply research the top blogs. These blogs where daily readers exceed 5,000 – Research the social proofs and see if these bloggers have strong twitter followership and unquestionable facebook fans.

You know what happens next? Write your quality guest post, build relationship with these bloggers and indicate interest to contribute. If they accept and publish your guest post with a link back to your site, it’s going to go viral within 24 hours. How? Readers will share, bookmark, reference and cite to your article on their posts.

Imagine if 250 people link to your guest post from within their article body? That’s contextual and when it appears above the fold, you’ve made a strong impact on that specific link. Stop writing guest post like traditional ‘rulers’, follow this strategy and your link building will go on steroid.

4. Active Link Dumps

The next strategy to build quality backlinks is via active link dumps. In this context, the word “dump” isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’s the base of what we’re talking about. This method of getting links to your inner pages is quite similar to guest posting as discussed above, but with a lighter touch.

I remember telling you to aim for the big blogs and websites and contribute guest posts. But here, you’re not considering the age of the blog or how popular. The only secret “recipe” is whether the blog has engaged readers. Do you know that some new blogs have engaged readers? I mean, these blogs are barely 12 months old but every of its post gets over 20 comments?

Aim for such blogs. That means before you contribute a guest post, read some of the post to determine the number of comments, tweets, likes etc. it has. Google would reward an active link consistently. Some links are dormant; no one reads the content it’s housed on, the content is fallow and has no weight in Google’s eye. Active link dump is ideal if you want to improve your ranking by 87%.

5. The Media-Oriented Links

You already know what I’m talking about, but I like coming from a different angle. Media-oriented links are also press release links. In this instance, you’re targeting the media; a group of persons whose interest lies in analyzing, archiving and sharing news worthy contents.

Does it mean anyone can be a media person? Off course you too can join the fastest moving decision makers’ train. The media are the strongest voice on the internet and if you join today and start orchestrating news worthy contents, you’ll get massive Google friendly backlinks.

When you write press release for the purpose of getting links, note that you may not use “anchor links.” Major press release sites don’t allow anchor texts, but if you research thoroughly, you may be lucky. All in all, craft an informative content which others can share. Several of my press release articles started ranking on Google homepage within 12 hours. That’s how fast a press release that’s news worthy can go.

6. Spy Competitors And Link-back

If your competitor’s web page is ranking above yours, have you asked why it’s happening? What are they doing that you refused to do or aren’t doing well. It’s time to spy on competitors.

What’s your niche: Health, affiliate marketing, blogging, social media, SEO content writing etc? Determine what your primary key phrase is and use it to research the top ranking sites on Google.

When you search with your target keyword, Google search engine will provide you with top 10 results. These are your strongest competitors. Focus on #1, #2 and #3 for now. Copy their website links and visit backlinkwatch.com. It’s a link determinant and helps you pinpoint the actual portals your competitors are linking from.

You don’t need any soothsayer to tell you otherwise. Simply contact those referring sites and have your links there. How? By contributing valuable contents that are irresistible. If you take this further and build strong relationships with such bloggers & webmaster, you’ll get even juicier in your link building over time. That’s how it works my dear – give it a shot.

7. Viral Links Approach

I would be glad if this post goes viral, and send thousands of readers to my blog. This is my desire and I know it’s yours too. Viral link approach is the final method I’ve been experimenting and I think it’s a great way to build quality backlinks.

The approach is simpler than you think. Let’s consider it…

You create an epic content that is list-based. You’ve seen those posts like “101 ways to..,” “50 simple methods to….” Creating a valuable and interesting list-based epic content may not happen overnight but when you finally complete it, it’s going to bring you huge traffic and spicy backlinks as others reference to it.

There are several arms to this and not all list-based contents will work. Writing about successful bloggers is good, but don’t be carried away with this because it’s not that valuable to your audience.

Instead focus on the best articles that experts have written in various topics. Ex. Link building, internet marketing, freelancing, web design & development, traffic generation, content marketing, social media, SEO content marketing etc. (Top 25 SEO articles from SEO experts in March).

Link Building Takeaway

Wow, we’re done with 7 exceptional ways to build strong backlinks. I wrote this post from my heart, and I’m confident it’s the ultimate link building content for bloggers, internet entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. One more thing before I leave, ensure your on-page optimization is done before looking for off-page links. That’s my best advice to you. Alright, stop reading and TAKE ACTION NOW!

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