$6,132.48 To Help Feed The Hungry This Thankgiving


Four days ago, I asked readers to help me feed the hungry, hurting and homeless in Vancouver by raising money for the Union Gospel Mission 21st annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Even with tough economic times and a looming recession, you guys open your wallet and gave to a worthy cause. For that, myself and the UGM wholeheartedly thank you.

In only four days time, the John Chow dot Com community stepped up and donated $3,066.24, which I am more than happy to match. I’ve sent the UGM my donation for $3,066.24 to bring the total donations to $6,132.48. That’s enough to feed over 2,300 people!

I like to give special recognition to Quinton Pullen’s $1,100 donation. That was over my $1,000 limit but I matched it anyway. Thank you Quinton. There were a few other big donors. However, they wish to remain anonymous. A big thank you goes out to the following readers who donated.

Benito and Verney Kho, Linda Bustos, Aaron Fedora, Michael Kwan, Daniel Ferreira, John Gregg, Merendi Networks Inc., Duane Storey, Chris D, Tony Chung, Laidback Geek, Jamie Harrop, Wayne, Deborah A. Freeman, Bonnie Sainsbury, Cadillac Blog, Hubcaps, Wait Til A Commercial, Nishadha Silva, Matthew Kidd, Gary Ng, Lyndonology, Kat Sanders, Elaine Yu, Chris Guthrie, Rain Coaster, Credit Cards, American Express Platinum, Dan Williams, Webkinz, Ryan Green, John Lee, Grip Money, Jordan Garn, Pushpalata Shah, Cool Gadgets, Webtraffic ROI, Ben Collins, Bryn Youngblut

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who made a donation to feed the hungry this Thanksgiving. I can’t express how proud I am of the John Chow dot Com community. If you haven’t made a donation but wish to do so, there’s still time to feed a few more! You may donate online at the Union Gospel Mission website.

Thank You for Your Support