6 Things Your Should Be Doing Every Day

I’m very huge on being productive and finding creative ways to stay ahead of the trends. I believe if you feel good mentally, then you’ll be able to produce your best work. Over the years, I’ve changed several things in my life so I’m better equipped to get the work done right. Every morning when I wake up, I know the series of things I need to do to make sure I can get my work done on time, adding value to my readers. You have to keep a few things in mind. When your blog begins to grow, people are going to depend on your expertise and content much more.

Here are 6 awesome tips to implement into your daily routine that will NOT only make you more productive, but also help you grow your blog. Let’s get started…

Create a To-Do List

There were times I wouldn’t write anything down and the end result was I’d forget some of the MOST important things to finish. If you’re running your own business, you’re responsible for a lot so make sure you organize yourself by creating a to-do list. You are very lucky that you have easy to use applications that make doing this very easy. For example, I use “Todoist”, which is a mobile and browser application. This application will pop-up, sending you alerts when you have tasks do and even remind you through email alerts. The point is, with this application, you’ll be able to keep track of everything you need to complete, making you more productive.

When creating your list, it’s important to do it every morning so when you start to work, you can check each one off as you complete it.

Working against Time

This is a brilliant strategy and helps you stay right on track, especially when you have multiple things do. If you do repetitive things every day, you’ll how much time each one takes. When getting to work, set up a timer so you can make sure the task is done in that timeframe. This will help you avoid distractions and focus on the task in front of you. One of my biggest problems was I would always get distracted and a 30 minute job will turn into 60 minutes. Challenge yourself by setting a timer and beating the clock.


I can’t stress this enough and implementing this strategy will double your productivity. When working, it’s important to fall off the grid or “disappear” so you’re completely focused on your work. I turn off my phone and close all browsers so there is nothing else to do but get my work done. It’s important to plan your focus time so depending on my task, I’ll either turn off all devices for 1 hour or until I finish the task at hand.


When I create my “to do list” in the morning, I’ll write things out depending on importance. This way, when I complete my work, I’ll make sure I get the MOST important tasks done first. I know from experience that the priority tasks often take the longest and greater focus so completing them first will help me stay productive. Here’s something else that’s cool…

When you finish important projects first, it’s great motivation throughout the day.

Keep the Flow

In business, it’s not uncommon to have other things pop up in between so knowing how to handle something like this will allow you to stay focused. Whenever something pop ups while I’m already working on a task, I’ll add it to my list. However, it’s important NOT to start working on a new assignment while completing something else because this will disrupt the current flow I have going on. I make sure every day to organize existing and new assignments so my flow stays steady and I continue to be productive.

Schedule Breaks

You don’t want to burn yourself out because when you get tired, your work begins to suffer. It’s important to take “scheduled” breaks throughout the day. I emphasize scheduled because this way, you’re NOT getting up during productivity time and your flow stays consistent. Personally, it’s always better to take a break when you complete a task but sometimes you’ll need one in between, especially when the task requires a full day. Keeping break time in mind will allow you to be more productive during the time you’re supposed to be working and relax when you know it’s break time. I suggest scheduling breaks throughout the day and this should be planned first thing in the morning.

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