6 Recipes for Failure In Making Money Online

Most people are out searching for the perfect money-making system. I think it’s been about 2,000 years since anyone or anything perfect was on this earth. However, there are still some searching for this elusive holy grail opportunity. In the process, they are missing out on real bona fide opportunities. Not perfect ones mind you. But perfect doesn’t earn. Execution does.

So other than searching for the perfect thing that doesn’t exist, here are six other things that are holding most people back from succeeding online.

1 – Paradox of Choice

RecipeForFailureThe theory here is the more choices we have, the less freedom and opportunity we have resulting in massive overwhelm. What does this mean? It means that online, there are a million ways to make money. And most feel that if they choose one, and ignore another opportunity, they’ll miss out. So they try to do it all. Which results in them doing nothing.

As Yoda would say, “That’s the wrong thinking young padawan. Focus on one thing you must.”

2 – Procrastination

This is a big one. Blame is everywhere why this person isn’t taking action, except on himself. Something is holding him back. Lack of belief in himself or his system. Lack of a writtine down action plan laid out to follow. Not setting deadlines. Whatever other excuses you can come up with.

You realize that if you go to your job and don’t work, you’ll likely get fired rather quickly, right? If you don’t work your business plan online, you’re firing your dreams and you’ll never achieve those hidden things you’ve always wanted to do in your life. Keep those dreams alive. Stop procrastinating and start taking massive action.

3 – The Overnight Success Brain

This is for the people that finally take action, and about three days later, they get no results and deem themselves, or the system they are following, a failure. They were expecting success to come overnight.

A new born child requires 9 to 12 months to learn to walk. Does the child give up after the first try? No. He falls, he gets up and does it again. He’ll fall again, but he’ll learn a little more. After a while, he’s crawling on one leg. So cute. Then he falls. The child will stay at it until pretty soon he’s walking, then running around your house like a crazed sprinter.

Now it doesn’t take 9 to 12 months necessarily to succeed online. It may be much less than that, or it maybe much more. What matters is that you stick with it and don’t give up. When you fall, see what went wrong. Then get back up and try again. It works for the baby, and it will work for you.

4 – Not Thinking for Oneself

Often times people won’t ask the simple question to themselves: Does this make sense?

Does pushing a button online and making one million dollars really make sense? I hope your answer is no. Often asking yourself simple logical questions can save you many thousands and a ton of heartache.

When you begin to think for yourself, things begin to make sense. You learn to see selling online as what value you can give to someone in exchange for money. Give extreme value, get extreme money. Now that makes sense.

5 – The Professional Student

Most people are always in the learning stage their whole internet career. They become professional students and never get out into the “real world” to practice what they learn.

Think about a painter getting into business. He gets a course “How to build a painting business.” After he reads that, his next step is to try to get clients. Not to read another ten books on how to start a painting company. Now after he gets a few jobs, he realizes that the roller and brush aren’t working any more. So he get’s a spray rig to speed things up. Pretty soon he’s hiring employees, has multiple spray rigs running and is making a fortune.

Online people get confused with thinking that learning is earning. And their spending habits show this. After you learn a little bit, you should start applying what you learn. That means instead of being a professional student and taking no action, you start your blog, you get your sales funnel set up, you start testing things for yourself, etc.

I firmly believe if people would just commit to doing this, instead of trying to learn everything possible so they can get ready to get ready, they would start having big successes. You do not need to learn one more thing to start. There is always one more thing. JUST START!

6 – Not Building A List From The Beginning

My biggest blogging mistake was not starting my blog mailing list from the get go. Because John Chow dot Com was a personal blog back then with no intentions of ever making money, I never applied my normal marketing tactics to it. Had I started the Email list from day one, the list would be twice the size, and so would the income. If your blog doesn’t have an email list, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. My mailing list is the number one reason my blog makes income that it does. My recommended email service provider is Aweber.

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