6 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic

How do I get Traffic to my blog/website or Forum? I get this question asked almost daily and instead its asked by every one of my 10 readers, So In this post I will tell top 6 reasons why you are not getting traffic to your blog/website or Forum, So here are six reasons why you are not getting any traffic

1. Poor Content

Well you might have probably heard that content is the king and without offering Good content to your readers you cannot get any kind of traffic and If you get any traffic reader won’t stay on your blog, won’t subscribe to your RSS feed and never return to your website that you probably don’t want to let it happen because returning visitors are very crucial for your website’s success

2. Poor SEO

Without Seo you cannot get a good rank in search engines, If you have good content but no one is reading is then whats the use of it, You also need to do search engine optimization along with writing good content

3. You Probably listen but don’t act

You may have read the best Internet marketing books on the web, You may know what are the best traffic generation methods but if you are not acting on it then you won’t get any traffic, So Listen and act

4. You are not posting Frequently

Search engines like those website which are updated regularly and if you are not posting and updating your blog frequently then it will be very difficult for you to get Traffic from search engines but keep a thing in your mind that Posting frequently does not mean that you pull garbage in your blog, instead focus on the quality and frequency keeping both of them at a balanced level, One more thing is that you should have a proper schedule if you are posting daily then stick to it

5. You believe that there is a silver bullet to get traffic

Most of people believe that there is a silver bullet or magic button which when pressed will get flood of traffic to their blogs and that’s not true, So stop searching for a magic button and focus only building content and optimizing that content for search engines

6. Your Blog is Probably New

If you have just started your blog few weeks or months ago then you need to wait until it’s properly indexed by search engines and it takes so make sure that you have enough patience in order to succeed, Just focus on building content regularly and building quality links and search engine will index you soon, Usually it takes search engine around 4-6 months to rank you

Rafay baloch is an Ethical hacker, Web entrepreneur and Internet marketer he blogs at Techlotips and he is author of the book A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking.