6 Reasons Why Internet Marketing Is Not For You

Internet marketing can be a horrendous experience for somebody who doesn’t have a clear business plan. It is extremely simple to start an online business and start making money provided you follow a proven system and know what exactly is to be done. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or, experiment on what works and what doesn’t. All you have to do is follow what thousands of other successful internet entrepreneurs follow.

All said and done, internet marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It might probably not be yours too. Here are six reasons why Internet Marketing might probably not be the best thing for you.

1 – You don’t like to dream

The beginning of a successful business is always a dream. If John Chow has a successful blog today, it is because he chose to dream – dream of a life that he has control over. You probably do not believe in a dream and you don’t like dreaming. An internet marketing business is probable not for you then.

2 – You like working fixed hours decided by others

What you probably like is fixed working hours and that too decided by others. You miss the 9-5 treadmills where you know that you have to go to the office at 9 in the morning and you will only be able to come home after 5 and that too, only if your boss lets you go. If you are somebody who wants to work fixed working hours in the above said fashion, then Internet marketing is not for you.

3 – You want to do away with the hard work of deciding your own paychecks

You are happy letting others decide your paychecks. Why get into something when others can do that for you? A fixed paycheck at least has a guarantee that it will be there in your bank every month even if there is no guarantee to the fact that the job will remain.

4 – You love driving in traffic

I love driving, only when I am on a long drive with my wife and kid. I do not have to drive to work these days and I hate driving in traffic. But if you love driving in traffic and the pleasure of driving to office in traffic everyday then you should not even think of starting and online business. It is definitely not for you.

5 – You hate working with technically illiterate people

I find a lot of technically illiterate people like me, around me every day in my internet marketing business. They still managed to make it big in life because they believed that they had the skills to make it big. I love being in company of such illiterates. You might be too qualified to be amongst people like me who are technically challenged and might not want to be in such an embarrassing situation. If so, then I would suggest that you better not think of starting an online business.

6 – You don’t believe in business without investment

When I first gave my visiting card mentioning my profession as “Internet Marketing Business Owner”, to one of my relatives, the statement he said was, “There cannot be a business without investment”. That is absolutely right. All business requires investment. The only difference is that conventional business requires money whereas an online business requires time and commitment. If you think investment can only be in the form of money, then don’t even think of starting an online business.

For me, my family and the time that I can spend with my family was important. I was not willing to compromise on these. Moreover, I did not want somebody else to be quoting a price for my hard work and writing my paychecks. That is why I started my business. You might want to find a reason why you want to start your own business. Remember, is you are not able to find this reason, you might never be able to succeed in your internet marketing business.

The post is written by R Kumar, who is an internet marketer and blogger. If you are wondering how to start an online business, you might want to read this post on how to make money online at his blog. The readers of John Chow, can get a free copy of his “how to generate traffic” videos, today. This is exclusively for readers of John Chow.