6 Great Android Apps

We use our smartphones and tablets for just about everything these days and continuing our careers as Internet marketing professionals is no exception. While it makes intuitive sense that the most productive place for you to get any of that work done is through a proper computer at a proper desk (and not at Starbucks), the dot com lifestyle means that you have the time freedom to work when you want and the location freedom to work where you want.

And sometimes, this means catching up on a few things using your smartphone or tablet on the go. You can still enjoy your casual game of Angry Birds Transformers or scroll through your friends’ photos on Instagram, but that Android device is also a tremendously valuable productivity tool in the right hands with the right apps. Here are a few Android apps that you might consider adding to your mobile arsenal. Yes, they are all free downloads through the Google Play Store.



It goes without saying that the preferred blogging platforms for many Internet marketers and dot com moguls is WordPress. In fact, WordPress can be used to manage a wide assortment of sites other than blogs. With the WordPress Android app, you can quickly edit your posts and pages, check stats and moderate comments on the go. The app supports multiple sites and it’s a far easier solution than trying to navigate through your WordPress dashboard in a mobile browser.


The official Twitter app has improved greatly over the years, but it still pales in comparison to what you can achieve with the Hootsuite app. Synchronizing through the cloud with the browser-based version on your computer, Hootsuite for Android makes it easy to manage multiple social media accounts with ease, scheduling updates, monitoring lists, and offering full analytics on the performance of your links. It’s quite invaluable.

Google Keep

A lot of people prefer to use Evernote and that’s a great solution too. For me, I’ve turned to Google Keep, mostly because it fits all within the existing Google ecosystem. In effect, you can create and archive a series of colored notes, including bulleted lists, that are synchronized with the cloud. This is great for to-do lists and for gentle reminders of great ideas you may have.

Google AdSense


John has said a few times before that monetizing your blog with AdSense may not necessarily be the best idea or the most lucrative, but it can be a consistent source of income for many Internet marketers both new and veteran. The AdSense app provides a general account overview as well as more detailed reports. You can even put a resizable widget on your homescreen with account earnings as a constant source of motivation. Alternatively, you can try the unofficial AdSense Dashboard by Gregory Block.

Google Analytics

Whether you run a blog, have an online business or you dabble in affiliate marketing, site traffic can very much become the lifeblood of your online earnings. The Google Analytics app for Android is just about as robust as the full version, letting you see real-time stats about active visitors, as well as detailed reports about your audience demographics, number of monthly visits, bounce rates and more.


If you live by the Google, you can die by the Google. But if you want to get noticed online and build up your online presence, then you should be paying attention to your search engine optimization. The SEO SERP APP by Droids on Roids and the WebRank SEO app by InkWired are two of the best for this purpose. You can create widgets for keywords, track a huge range of web statistics, and keep count of your Facebook likes and shares.

This is just a small sample of the types of Android apps that Internet marketers may find useful. Do you have any particular favorites that you’d like share?

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