6 Funny Ways To Drive Insane Amounts Of Web Traffic

Without web traffic, you’ll fail online. Period!

You’ve to come to a point in your online business where you do the extraordinary.

You step out of your comfort zone. You think of possible ways to expand and reach more people.

If you’re like me, you’ve written and published a lot of guest posts.

But even at that, you’re still not satisfied because the traffic you really need isn’t coming through.

I’ve discovered some six funny ways to take your website traffic to the roof. The ideas here may not be adequate for your plum (desirable) business, but who cares anymore.

Provided you can move from where you’re right now to the peak of your business – that’s what matters.

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The 6 pointers below would help you drive quality traffic to your website:

Brand T-Shirts and give away

What do your friends care about? I’m sure they would love to have your branded T-Shirts. As funny as it may sound, it can send a lot of people to your website. But you better have useful content ready for them, or a lead magnet to get these people onto your email list.

In 2012, I branded 150 T-Shirts, with my business logo and website URL. I gave them away for free to my friends and then went to a busy shopping mall to give away the rest. Guess what happened? My blog URL was at the back of the T-shirt. People who read it rushed to my website, because my payoff says, “Get $100 by telling your 10 friends.”

I ended up generating 1020 visitors in 48 hours to my business blog and it’s been consistent since that time, because 78% of that traffic opted in to my email list.

Now they’ve become loyal and active. So what about the $100 I promised to those who refer their 10 friends? I’ll tell you about that, just keep reading…

Print Flyers and share

print flyers design

Offline promotion is powerful. As bloggers and internet marketers, we often neglect the traffic potentials of flyers and promotional materials. You can print flyers, stroll to a busy shopping mall or motor pack and distribute to passersby.

Don’t be shy to do that – This is your business we’re talking about here boy. Whatever you can do to get more people to accept you, and your product is great. Of course, you might be feeling awkward for distributing flyers, but don’t let it discourage you.

With less than $200, you can print up to 3500 colorful flyers for your business. Make sure your website URL is visible and easy to spell. That’s why you need a memorable domain name.

Sponsor an Event locally

How about sponsoring a local event? For instance, San Diego Beer Week 2014 is a 9-day celebration, encouraging people to appreciate their local beers and promote their culture.

In your city, I know you’ve a lot of events going on at some point; you can take advantage of that to send quality traffic to your website.

How? Just become a sponsor. Being a sponsor doesn’t mean you’ve to spend so much money, you can become one of the organizers or promoters. Whatever you do to make the event a success automatically qualifies you as a sponsor. And if you do have money, give it. But here is where it gets interesting:

Print flyers and distribute quietly at the event. Or just produce a roll-up banner and use it to promote your business/blog. When you become a sponsor, you’ve access to some of the things done at the event, like special announcements etc.

Give away money

giveaway money

I talked about giving people money, as an incentive for growing your web traffic. In my own case, yes, I gave away $200 to two separate individuals who referred 10 friends each to my blog. Do you think I gave so much money away?

I don’t think so. If you were to spend $200 on Adwords PPC, depending on the cost of your chosen keyword, your clicks will not exceed 1,000.

But I got more than that, and it’s been consistent. When you spend money on PPC Ads, the moment you’re broke, your traffic stops. But that’s never going to happen when you give people money to participate in your business.

You could even host a contest or webinar and make one of your incentives MONEY. Trust me; your target audience will love it. You could give a condition such as, “Refer 10 friends and get a $50 cash prize.”

Place classified Ads

When you place classified Ads at gumtree.com, Craiglist.org and the rest of them, you can get free traffic to your website, and then begin the process of building relationship with them.

Because classified ads traffic according to my experience isn’t as targeted as PPC traffic. But you can gradually turn this lead into paying customers. That’s why email marketing is fundamental to growing your leads and educating them.

When people opt-in to your list through a classified site, do not pitch them a product right away, instead tell them who you are, and create a short survey that they can fill and tell you what challenges they’re going through.

There is too much traffic resident at classified sites. If you’ve been neglecting such influx of visitors, you need to get back at it.

Pay for a premium post

This is simple. It might be difficult for you to land a guest post at Johnchow.com or some other authority website, but if you’ve $100 – $500, you can get published faster. All you’ve to do is create a premium post, useful and helpful to your target audience.

Then create a landing page to collect email leads. That’s all. Pitch your idea to the expert and offer them incentive – your money. Some of these authority sites already have guidelines for accepting sponsored posts. You need to go through it, and abide by it.

But before spending on sponsored posts, you’ve to study the blog in question. Take my word for it, most so-called bloggers are no longer providing value to their readers and this has caused a lot of their fans/email subscribers to become adamant to their messages.

These days, what you need most isn’t a lot of traffic, but the quality of it. Because at the end of the day, 10,000+ weekly traffic will not do you any good, unless you convert them into paying customers.

Funny conclusion

When you attend a conference such as the Affiliate Summit, or Home Business Summit, wear your branded T-Shirt and get a seat at the front row. Make sure your T-shirt is colorful and fits on you properly. All attendees will stare at your back like a modern robot. Lol!

When you give someone a handshake and network with new people, exchange your business card with theirs, and encourage them to visit your blog to get your latest giveaway contest.

Did you find this post useful for driving traffic to your website?

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If so, leave a useful comment or add your own funny traffic technique. Make sure it’s working for you right now. You’re the best!

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