53 Blogging Prompts For When You Have Writer’s Block

Depending on how you choose to define what “blogging” really means, I’ve been writing content on the Internet for 20 years. I started out with an email newsletter, which I sent out manually to a curated mailing list, before moving on to a couple of Geocities websites (remember Geocities?). The current incarnation of Beyond the Rhetoric — my primary blog about freelancing, fatherhood, and life in general — has been around since 2006. And this is all in addition to the blogging I’ve done for various clients over the years too.

Needless to say, I’ve blogged a lot. And you would think that after all this time, I would’ve run out of things to talk about. What most people don’t realize is that writer’s block is really the default state and not the exception to the rule. As a professional, you need systems and practices to help you overcome writer’s block on a regular basis.

Part of that strategy involves maintaining a constant list of potential blog post topics. You may or may not ever get to writing all of them, but you have to keep those ideas flowing. There’s no saying when inspiration might hit. To give that list a kick in the past, I’m going to get you started with 53 blogging prompts here. Not all of them are going to apply to you and your blog, as niches and audiences will vary, but hopefully at least a few will spark some ideas for you.

Let’s get started.

  1. How and why I started this blog in the first place
  2. Why it’s not too late to start
  3. The hardest lesson I had to learn last year
  4. My favorite online tool
  5. The best advice I would have told a 10-year-old me is…
  6. Here’s what my morning routine looks like
  7. This is the person I idolized as a kid (and why I don’t anymore)
  8. Why I don’t believe in good luck
  9. Why I do believe in good luck
  10. Here’s why I don’t have a regular routine
  11. The biggest reason why I love blogging
  12. The biggest reason why I hate blogging
  13. My greatest inspiration is…
  14. This is how I plan my day
  15. Overcoming imposter syndrome
  16. I haven’t upgraded my [product] in X years
  17. If I could be on only one social media platform, it would be…
  18. My greatest weakness
  19. What I’m reading right now
  20. My proudest achievement this year
  21. The time I had to overcome my insecurity
  22. The time I overestimated my abilities
  23. I’m never going to get this back
  24. This was when I knew I chose the right path
  25. How I got to where I am today
  26. My first job (and what I learned)
  27. My greatest guilty pleasure is…
  28. I can’t believe he/she believed in me
  29. All about my favorite place to blog
  30. If I could have any superpower
  31. My middle child syndrome
  32. Why college is a waste of time and money
  33. Why college was the best investment I ever made
  34. The biggest reason why I keep going
  35. My first ever side hustle
  36. If I could blog about anything
  37. My view on Internet privacy
  38. How this blog has changed over the years
  39. Words are worth a thousand pictures
  40. Why I will never retire
  41. How Patreon is changing online content
  42. Should I start a podcast?
  43. My opinion on crowdfunding
  44. An open letter to me 10 years ago
  45. An open letter to me 10 years from now
  46. What I learned from (favorite children’s book)
  47. The assumptions everyone makes about me
  48. Common misconceptions about professional bloggers
  49. I hate the term “influencer” (or “creator”)
  50. An open thank you letter (written like an award acceptance speech)
  51. These are the blogs I read regularly
  52. I’m really excited about this new project
  53. How to find the best affiliate offers

Now you have no excuse when you’re tempted to say, “But I have nothing to write about.” There is always new blogging material to be written!