5,000 RSS Subscribers


I noticed my FeedBurner RSS counter broke 5,000 readers today. What that means is 5,071 people read this blog with the full feed RSS yesterday. Today’s figure will be available tomorrow. I wrote several articles on increasing RSS subscriptions. In case you miss them, here’s a recap:

While, the above articles show how to increase RSS subscriptions, it doesn’t address a very important issue: why would a reader want to subscribe to your RSS? Once you answer that question, you’ll be a in a lot better position to getting more RSS subscribers.

The answer to the question is nearly the same as the answer to, “why should I visit your blog?” It all comes back to your content. If your content isn’t unique or compelling, there’s no reason for anyone to read your blog, much less sign up for the RRS. Good content drives not only traffic, but RSS subscriptions.