5 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing for Your Business

It is no secret that the mobile market is becoming one of the biggest markets out there. Nearly everyone has a smart phone or a tablet. Because of our busy, modern lifestyle, these methods of accessing the Internet are becoming more popular than traditional computers, and are almost untapped as far as marketing is concerned.

Having a good mobile marketing strategy for your business is a sure way to get ahead of your competitors. The following are five ways you can get this new form of marketing to work for your startup, no matter what business you are in. It requires a holistic approach focused on paid advertisement and organic results. When executed correctly, this is a formula for success for your business, bringing in engagement from viewers, building your branding, and finding you new customers without much work.


  1. Do not be afraid to use paid advertisements: An over reliance on paid advertisements will keep you away from the part of the market that is automatically wary of paid advertisements, but paid advertising is tried and true, even in mobile marketing. In fact, you do not have to get very fancy with your paid advertisements through mobile marketing, as sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter will work just effectively in the mobile market as they do on a computer’s format.
  2. Push notifications: Any sort of push notification in an app will be a great way to get a customer’s attention – usually, when customers download free apps, they are expecting some sort of advertising to pay for them, which means your advertisements will not get in their way as much. However, you have to really temper you usage of push notifications. If you have too many push notifications in an app or on your website, all you are going to do is alienate and frustrate your users.
  3. QR codes: For some, having that scannable bar code is just too tempting – without an explanation as to what the bar code is for, a customer will scan it with the camera of their mobile phone and be redirected to a website without having to go through the effort of navigating themselves. Customers are more likely to view the content presented to them through a QR code than they might otherwise, so they can be an extremely useful tool for entrepreneurs who are looking to have interaction with out pestering customers with ads and notifications when they are not interested.
  4. Web marketing: While mobile phones are catered towards apps, there are still web browsers on smart phones. Having an advertisement on a website can get you customers through a mobile market – the ad just has to be tailored to the platform. You cannot use too many animations or other bells and whistles, as it will slow down the customer’s phone and make them navigate away in frustration. But if you can create a streamlined, simple, and catchy looking advertisement or pen the perfect pop up, then you will be golden.
  5. In game advertisements: This is probably the best way to make mobile marketing work for you. Almost everybody with a smart phone has at least one game downloaded for wasting time on the bus, sitting in the doctor’s office, or while they eat their lunch. They also expect to see ads on free games and generally do not mind them too much. Partner with a game developer or publisher to have your ads placed in a game will likely bring you the highest return on your investment in the mobile marketing world.

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