5 Ways to Make Sure Your Guest Post Gets Published

It is no doubt guest blogging is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog and having written over 260 guest posts this year I can testify to the power and effectiveness of guest blogging.

Guest blogging has a lot of advantages and there is no doubt that is why many people keep doing it, the problem however is that the guest posts of a lot of people get rejected thereby bringing about frustration for them. Below are 5 solid ways to make sure your guest post is published.

1. Read the Guidelines

This is so obvious, isn’t it? If I told you I have lost thousands of guest posting traffic and countless opportunities as a result of this you wouldn’t believe me.

I once wrote a guest post for a blog which was rejected because I didn’t meet the guidelines, the next guest post I wrote for that blog months after the first one was rejected was published and it end up sending me over 1,000 visitors.

Many people believe there is no need to read the guidelines before submitting their guest posts and that this is only a waste of time. You don’t know what a blogger wants. Even though a blog might be about blogging the blogger might only be accepting guest posts on SEO so it is very important to make sure you read the guidelines first.

Another reason why you should read the guidelines first is that it helps you know what length of post the blogger wants and also some other things that is different about guest posting for the blog.

2. Read Previous Guest Posts

Another thing you should do to also make sure your guest post get published is to read previous guest posts on the blog. I once tried to submit a guest post to A-list blogger Daniel Scocco, all my guest posts were rejected so I decided to see which type of guest posts get published and I discovered list posts works best, I wrote another guest post titled “10 things bloggers should not do” and it was published.

Reading guest posts that have been previously published on a blog helps you have a feel of the type of posts that get published on that blog thereby giving you the chance of tailoring your guest posts towards that mode.

3. Focus on Your Headlines

Another important thing you should note when trying to write a guest post is your headline; don’t just think your post will be published with any headline.

One thing I discovered from writing a lot of guest posts is that even if your post isn’t that okay, if you have a great headline the blogger will tell you to re-write the post or improve on it instead of rejecting it.

Another reason why you should write great headlines is that your headline will determine how viral your post will go, and the better your headline is, the more traffic you get from your guest posts.

4. Give Your Best

Once you have done the above 3 things, the next thing to do is to begin writing your guest post and it is very important to give your best.

Many people think the best content should only be for their blog and they should write crap for other blogs, this will not yield any good, it will only lead to your guest post being rejected.

Guest posting opportunities shouldn’t be taken lightly and the more effort you can put into your guest posts the more results you will get from it, if you give your best in a guest post and it seriously went viral on a blog, the blogger will end up contacting and thanking you for it while giving you an open door to submit as many guest posts as you want in the future.

5. Submit Your Guest Post

Sounds dumb? I know, but it is the truth. One problem many people face with guest blogging is that they are afraid to submit their guest posts and that is why you see them not submitting a guest post or submitting only to smaller blogs. It doesn’t take much to get your guest post published on an A-list blog, what it takes is following the above 4 steps and having the courage to submit the post. Don’t let your fear kill you before contacting the blogger, relax, believe it will be published and go ahead to submit it.


Guest blogging is fun and the results you will get from it alone is enough to keep you doing it, the above are 5 great steps to follow to make sure your guest posts gets published.

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