5 Ways to Generate More Traffic Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has always been an effective way to generate enormous traffic and depending on where you post it can be very relevant. Many beginning bloggers have used guest blogging to generate brand awareness and traffic quickly because you’re essentially utilizing someone else’s brand to push traffic to yours. Since everything is relevant, blogs can generate serious value. I’ve written several posts on guest blogging and have always encouraged utilizing it in your marketing however you have to be careful how you submit your content. For example, the LAST thing you want to do is submit SPAM content and be banned because this can have an immediate effect on your traffic flow. Over the years, I have been guest blogging for some of the MOST popular blogs online and have learned some valuable lessons along the way.

I’ll like to discuss “5” ways to generate more traffic through your guest blogging so you can implement these strategies going forward. Let’s get started…

Know Your Audience

This is the first process in generating enormous traffic through guest blogging because the more popular the blog you are posting on, the higher traffic flow. However, I’m surprised at the amount of people who simply don’t know how to follow this rule. It’s very easy to find relevant blogs because all you have to do is the following:

First, if you have been in the niche for several years then you probably know who the major players are and can approach them for guest blogging opportunities. Contact them and pitch them a few ideas however you can also ask them for their opinion or topic ideas too. Secondly, do a quick Google search using the following “top + niche blogs” and you’ll get a handful of blogs that you can contact going forward. Pitch them a few solid idea’s and then move onto the next step.

Writing Great Content

In order for you to generate enormous traffic, you have to provide substance because this is what will attract readers to your blog. Did you know the click-through rate within guest posts increases to 70% when you have provided value to your readers? Writing awesome content is NOT complicated because you have to focus on your objective. If you do your research beforehand and follow the writing guidelines:

  • Introduction
  • Sub-headings
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Keywords
  • Value
  • Substance

With all of these you’ll have a clear path on what you are trying to achieve and be able to increase the chances of referral traffic to your blog.

Shareable Content

With the popularity of social networks, you’re able to generate traffic quickly WITH little work. The best thing about social media is everyone is promoting your content for you because they attract followers and share your content generating massive traffic. However, to achieve this level of success it’s important you implement the following into your content.

First, share buttons which I recommend adding above and below the content because this makes it very easy for readers to share your content. Secondly, many of the top bloggers who are offering guest blogging opportunities post content on their accounts. You’ll want to focus on posting content on those blogs which large social following. For example, I’ve seen some authority bloggers have 100,000+ followers so you can imagine what kind of traffic will be generated through social engagement.

Keep Building Relationships

Guest blogging shouldn’t be a one hit wonder because it’s a powerful source of traffic. This means to continue building relationships with others blogs and the ones you are posting on. Why is this important? Simple…

By building relationships, you develop a level of comfort with these authority bloggers and can start to work with them going forward. For example, you might be able to pitch business ideas, marketing strategies, paid gigs and have more flexibility when submitting posts. Keep this in mind when going forward and one of the best ways to build a relationship is through casual email correspondence.

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