5 Top Vacations for Internet Entrepreneurs

working from the beach

When an online entrepreneur goes on vacation, their needs are more unique, compared to other travelers. They might want a location where they can choose to go totally off the grid, but still have quality internet access available if they need to schedule a last-minute video meeting. Many will want to squeeze in a little work with their play, so it only makes sense to head to a major metro where they can do the most networking. Others might prefer a niche location that complements their venture, such as an online surf accessories retailer hitting up the best surf spots around the world.

No matter where you vacation as an entrepreneur, just make sure that you actually take time off and spend at least 50 percent of your time not working. Resting and re-charging is crucial for everyone.

What’s the point of working for yourself if you’re not going to give yourself a break? With that in mind, here are some of the top vacation destinations for entrepreneurs to consider and why:

1. Hawaiian Islands

 You get all the beauty of the tropics with all the technology and convenience of the mainland. Plus, there’s no issue of international calls, you know exactly what kind of accommodations you’re getting into when booking online, and you won’t have to struggle with a language barrier if something happens (like you need a quick laptop replacement!). As an added bonus, it’s only a few hours away by plane for those on the west coast.

2. San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is geographically a very small country but extremely varied, offering beaches, jungles, volcanoes, and wildlife. Fly into San Jose, the biggest city, and from there you can drive anywhere within a day. The west coast, which includes Guanacaste and one of the few “blue zones” in the world, is designed for tourists and you can count on English speakers, big box stores, and decent internet. Head east to the Caribbean-infused side, and you can go AWOL for a while (but don’t count on staying connected).

3. Mumbai, India

To some degree, a metro is a metro no matter where it is. Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in the world, rivaling New York when it comes to cost of living. The good news is that in major hotels and around the city, it’s fairly easy to get a decent internet connection. It’s one of the safest cities for women, the options for networking are rich, and it’s not that far to get to more rural villages for an escape. Since India’s an up and coming powerhouse, it makes sense to build connections there.

4. London, England

A long-time favorite, London has all the pampering, luxury, and convenience you could ask for but with an incredible history to boot. Another geographically small country, you can select a number of charter tours to take you outside the city to see Stonehenge, Bath, the Canterbury Cathedral, and other hot spots. Plus, going to London you’re just a short, cheap flight away from a bevy of European cities including Paris and Frankfurt. London can be your vacation “hub” while you hop around, play tourist, and build your network.

5. Seoul, South Korea

While China might get all the glory for taking on America as the most powerful country, take a look a little farther east to South Korea. As the biggest city in this small country, Seoul has many English speakers and Gangnam (made famous by Psy, of course) is the financial/tech heart of the city. Public transportation is simple and vast, taxis are incredible cheap, and the options for shopping and dining are endless, as are the potential business connections.

The next time you start perusing itineraries, don’t forget about your need for quality connections (both with technology and with clients, partners, investors and others).

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