5 Things You Must Do Daily To Make Money Online

Was just reading an interesting article called The Power Of Five, from James Altucher, and his thoughts can alleviate worry and anxiety, regrets, guilt, fear of the future, AND…If you take along my little twist, it’ll put a lot more money in your pockets too.

With this ‘Power of 5 ‘ thing, almost all of us know about the first one:

‘You are the average of the 5 people most around you.’

I don’t believe this is completely true, but the principle still holds. Be around people that motivate, inspire, and that have similar goals and dreams as you. No reason to have Negative Nancy’s, Downer Dan’s, and Broke Bob’s always around you and as your top of the list. And you especially don’t want them giving you advice!


But here’s what’s cool, this power of 5 principle works extremely well in many different areas then just having awesome people around you, yet not a lot of people are aware of it. It’s really only limited to the time you’ll take and work this out in the many different areas of your life. James lists a couple such as:

‘You are the average of the 5 things that inspire you the most’

Do you have 5 things around your office, home, etc. that inspire YOU the most? Do it. Feel the difference.

‘My thoughts are the average of the 5 things I think about’
‘My mind and body are the average of the 5 things I eat each day’
‘I am the average of the 5 things I do to help people each day’

Are you starting to see the power here? As you start to examine this and get your list of 5 together in many different pieces of your life, the results you’ll get will be staggering and life changing.

This translates right into online business too.

‘The 5 core activities you do online each day will account for nearly all of your results’
‘The 5 first things you do online will dictate a profitable day, or a day wasted’

The 5 services you offer to your customers could mean no profits, or 6-7 figures. And it’s that’s last one there that’s super critical to get right away! Economics must be right online or everything else quickly will crumble.

Most have the first 3-4 down okay. Having a lead offer, a couple lower priced intro products, maybe a mid-ticket product around $397-$497 range. But it’s number 5 where they’re getting killed. High Ticket Commissions!

This is the great profit equalizer that’s all so important right now considering rising marketing costs, increased competition, and most ideal lifestyle and income targets being considered as well. This is why products like MTTB, where you can make $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions are shut a game changer.

You can put it on your Top 5 list of things to do today. And, don’t forget to consider all of the different areas to apply the Power of 5 into your life!