5 Steps To Getting Over Blog Rejection

Pretty much the worst thing that can happen to a blog owner is to get rejection by it’s own fans.  When your blog readers read what you’re trying to teach them and reject what you are saying it can cause panic and a sense of doubt to grow within yourself.  This is typical but can helped with a few very simple steps.  These are my 5 steps to getting over blog rejection that should help you get over your rejection and back to having a successful blog!

Step 1: Keep Going

No matter what people say you need to keep going.  You are going to be told a million times that you can’t make money online or that blogging is stupid.  I get told it daily by people.  Seriously, daily.  There are a million people out there that are going to try and bash you down.  Most of the time it’s just so that they feel better about themselves.

If someone bashes your blog or website you should go out there and push harder and harder.  This can be tough at times but in the long run will help you to become a better person.  Take what they said and get better at it.  By persisting while blogging this will help you to become the blogger that you are meant to be.

Step 2: Learn From Your Mistakes

One great thing about a blog and blog commenting is that you will get many people slamming you down.  Use these comments to learn.  Pay attention to what they are saying in their smackdown of your blog.  If you’re doing something that the majority of people don’t like, you should probably change something or pivot your blog in a direction that would help people out more.

Read: Why you FAIL and How to Stay Strong in Times of Failure

This post is a wonderful post about why your blog most likley is failing and how you can learn and get over it.  One great quote that I love is by Winston Churchill “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” This is a great quote for any blog or business owner starting an online business.  Learn from your failures and fail without losing your enthusiasm.  Even when you’re getting horrible comments you can get over it!

Step 3: Take a Walk

I find that when I go outside and take a walk it clears my mind and helps me think much more clearly.  You will get several nasty comments and email. Before you answer them, take a 5-10 minute walk around the block.  This will clear your mind and help you respond in a much easier way.  I use this method all the time to both keep me active and help me think more clearly.

Take a break to sit back.  Go watch a movie.  You don’t have to take a month off but sometimes this is good. This will help you to see what you’re doing from an outsiders view.  This time will help you to be happy.

Enjoy the fruits of your labors.  Take the time you need.  Like I said earlier, I like to take walks as it helps me to re-group and re-energize.  If walking doesn’t help you find something that you enjoy that you can do that will help you to re-fuel the tanks.  Get what time you need away from your blog to start enjoying it again.  If you aren’t enjoying your blog or having fun with it in some way, you should re-evaluate what you’re doing.  Heck, look at all Chow’s posts on eating out.  He enjoys eating out and blogs about that!  It helps him take a min away from his blog and what he’s doing.

Step 4: Take a Chill Pill

I find myself having to chill out all the time.  Don’t let things get to you.  You by far are going to be the person that critiques your blog, website, or current project with the most criticism.  Be optimistic and keep going.  If I had a nickel for every time someone bashed my blog I would be a rich man.  I kinda wish Google Adsense paid on negative comments cause I have gotten a ton of them.  Sometimes you have to just roll with the punches and go with it.

Taking a chill pill can sometimes be hard.  Depending on what type of a person you are you may have to just get over things.

Step 5: Persistence is Key

You’re going to have to push through things.  Blogging can have many advantages and create the type of lifestyle that you want.  But to get to that point you have to work very hard and persist through the hard times.  There will be many hard times in every bloggers career, the key point of this article is to get past that point. It will never be easy, but nothing is ever easy.  If it were easy everyone and their dog would be doing it.  If everyone were doing it, that would just suck!

Blogging should be enjoyable and you should have fun while you’re doing it.  Have you had to get over Blog Rejection?  I would love to hear some of your top tips to get over rejection!

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