5 Reasons Why Great Content is Not Enough for Seo

No one can argue against the fact that all the written content of websites including home pages, blogs, testimonials and catalogues can be highly effective at boosting search engine optimisation. Strategically and creatively spiking web content with keywords and phrases is one of the most successful and widely used seo techniques today, with blogs emerging as one of the key tools for businesses looking to up their rank in search engine listings and generate a greater amount of traffic to their websites. But are unique blog topics and original approaches to writing posts going to get you the seo results you need? Not necessarily.

Well-written text and an individual blog style will take you a long way, but, in terms of attracting much more ongoing attention to your website, there are several other factors that will also require your attention and may actually be the difference between a successful seo strategy and one that takes up a lot of time and energy with no solid returns for your company.

To help you make your blog as successful as possible in your future seo endeavours, here are 5 reasons why it may not be functioning to its optimum capacity currently, despite containing top notch content.

1 – You’re choosing the wrong topics

Before you begin composing your next blog post, do some research across other web forums in your industry to see what the current hot topics are and compose posts that take a new perspective on the topics that are interesting readers right now. To effectively boost seo, your topic must be something that will interest as many people as possible. It sounds like common sense, but writing about topics with limited appeal is also a common mistake that many bloggers make.

2 – You don’t know your readers

To make sure that your blog is a useful aspect of your seo strategy, you must ensure that your content speaks to your readers in a way that makes sense to them. While your writing style might be technically perfect and ideal for an academic journal or industry publication, it’s possible that it won’t appeal broadly in the blogosphere. Remember, blogs should be written in a casual tone, as if you are explaining something to a friend over coffee.

3 – Your post has no goal

Having an impeccably written blog post won’t do anything to boost seo if people don’t read it. To make sure your blogs are appealing to the maximum number of readers, try to pick topics for your posts that have a clear purpose or goal. ‘How to’, ‘Why’ and ‘Top Five’ style articles (like this one) are some of the best options for seo targeting blog posts.

4 – Your blog doesn’t encourage feedback

No matter how good your content is and how creatively your keywords have been included, if your blog doesn’t receive enough attention, it will do nothing to increase seo. One way to inspire more activity around your blog posts is to pose questions and ask for commentary from your readers. In this way, you will develop a kind of friendship with your readers and find out what kind of content they most enjoy reading.

5 – You’re not learning from your readers

Now you’ve got your readers’ attention with your well written and topical blog posts which have encouraged rampant commentary and feedback, don’t forget to use their suggestions to improve your blog. Combining your already high quality content with what you can learn from your readers will be the final stage in running a blog that is active, informative and highly successful in capitalising seo.

This Guest post was blogged by John K Taylor of Web Design company in Melbourne.